Imagine that, another patent application has popped up in the United States Patent and Trademark Office database this week with Apple’s name on it. The filing is entitled Ultrasonically Welded Structures and Methods for Making the Same.

But don’t let the ridiculously long name scare you. The patent is part of a group of cross-referenced filings that all make up different parts of a pair of high quality unibody headphones that it seems Apple is working on in its labs…

AppleInsider, who discovered the patent, explains:

“Headsets and earbuds include a number of different components — such as cables, a jack, a microphone, and the headphones — all of which must be pieced together. The result, Apple believes, can be “abrupt and aesthetically displeasing.”

The company could resolve this with new headsets featuring a range of components that would “seamlessly integrate” with one another…

…Apple describes the new headphones as having an appearance that they were constructed as “a seamless unibody structure,” even though the earbuds may include two different component pieces welded together.”

It’s not surprising that Apple is working on a set of high-end earbuds — it’s done it before. And even though this is only a patent application, it wouldn’t be crazy to think that we could see a pair of these unibody headphones eventually turn up alongside a new iPhone or iPod touch.

Image credit: Flickr user tenbosche

  • Anonymous

    Unibody earbuds to go along with unibody iPhone 5.

    • Sounds logical to me. Unified earbuds are so inevitable in Apple’s world. I hope it becomes reality!

  • Anonymous

    I would like to see a detailed post on how to use apple earbuds. Never can keep them in my ear unless you sit perfectly still. Found those dancing commercials as unrealistic as a kids toy commercial.

    • Anonymous

      I find apple ear buds are the only ones that stay in my ear, I have a few other sets of very expensive 100+ earbuds that are crap cuz they don’t stay in my ear

      • Anonymous

        Please let us know your secret. I have six of these things now and would love to use them.

        A friend of mine suggested Gorilla Glue. Haven’t tried that yet as I still have half a roll of duct tape left.

  • better get skullcandy apple earbuds are crap quality no bass

    • skullcandy? skullcandy headphones are crap…people only buy them cuz they look shiny. they have horrible sound quality and break faster than apple headphones.

      I had a pair of $60 skullcandy’s, and threw them out for a pair of headphones that were 10, yet had better sound and DIDN’T BREAK

    • Lol xD skullcandy earbuds are horrible, if i had to chose between apple earbuds and skull candy ill choose the apple ones cz they last longer, if you can’t afford any expensive earphones you should get the rah ma 350, they’re $50 but they sound better than a lot of earbuds priced around $100

  • better get skullcandy apple earbuds are crap quality no bass

  • Anonymous

    Apple figured it out! xD

  • I want more bass!!

  • We would like to see an earphone that can invoke Siri. 🙂

    • You already can on iPhone 4s with any apple remote w/mic headphones. Just hold down the middle button.

      • Lol, really? I rarely use the earphone, I didn’t event realize that there is a middle button. Thz 🙂

      • Your welcome 😉

  • i want more bass and no dr gay peices of shit

  • KewlDewd

    The Apple headphones you link to are in-ear headphones, not earbuds. There’s a distinct difference. Namely that in-ear sound way better than buds. In-ear are actually inserted into the ear canal. Earbuds will never sound good because they don’t create a seal in your ear canal that allows for the bass response. So, unibody or not, earbuds won’t sound good, whereas good in-ear phones can sound amazing.

  • Anonymous

    I upgraded to some sennheisers a long time ago 😛

  • Beats by dre goes perfectly with my iPhone

  • Anonymous

    Considering how much Apple devices cost you’d think they’d supply a decent set of ear phones/buds, the 1’s provided are utter wank, cheap pieces of shit that remind me of something you’d get free from a 30 quid mp3 player from Argos … Maybe made by Alba or sweaty Bush.

  • watever name it is called, it is useless if no noise cancellation, or noise isolation….cant hear a thing when commuting via train…

    • Yes, and also, they sound good when you just first get them. Specifically the bass. After a few months, the bass is horrible. A few months more into it, the static comes in. And to make it worse, they sell them for $30. I’d rather buy a pair of Sennheisers from newegg, than these.

  • if anyones lookin for a nice set of headphones… go check out V-Moda’s Crossfades LP’s. I got them in stealth black and there awesome (better than beats in my opinion).

    • audio technica, koss, shure, sennhesier etc is more worth it…

  • It was about time

  • finally Apple is working on better earbuds, the worse think in my iPhone 4 is the earbuds. Looks cheap and its uncomfortable.