AppMosaic — the App Store app discovery tool that we recently previewed — has gone live on Cydia.

The jailbreak app prides itself on providing a unique look at the top 200 paid and free apps on the App Store.

We like it, and we suggest you give it a shot. Head over to Cydia’s ModMyi repo where you can download it for free. Be sure to let us know what you think about it.

Update: We’ve been alerted that AppMosaic has a bug preventing it from showing up properly once installed. The bug is currently being addressed.

  • Bloody tweak put my phone into a respring loop. I had to then update it to 5.1, i guess i’ll give it a go now i’m on it. Got a signed ipsw for 5.0.1 ready just incase i get bored.

    • That sucks bud!

    • Anonymous

      Ooh! Sorry man.

    • This was almost certainly the cause of Winterboard which shouldn’t have actually been a dependancy of AppMosaic. This was a fault of Modmyi’s not my own.

  • requires winterboard. I’ll pass!

    • Yea, gave it a shot but found winterboard was lagging my iPhone.
      The AppMosaic icon never even showed up! :/

      • The exact same thing happen to me, that’s a let down i was really looking forward to this app.

    • I have notified Modmyi and they have removed this dependancy. AppMosaic never required WinterBoard is was just a mistake by Modmyi, but it has now been rectified. Thanks.

  • The icon is not showing up for me.
    Is that is what is meant in the update of this post?

  • Anonymous

    It installed winterboard. DELETE!!!!

  • Anonymous

    We all hate Winterboard. We miss it and give it one more chance. We realize again that it sucks. We get Winterboard closure.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah! I agree 100%. (Sorry @saurik) And I don’t know if you guys noticed, but it removed the shadow off my home screen icons labels.

  • for those who can’t get the icon showing up go to ifile and open /var/mobile/library and copy the web clip from the folder webclips to WebClips and then respring

    • That worked! Thanks Bro…!

    • That worked! Thanks Bro…!

    • is there a way to install it without Winterboard? because it really makes my ipod lag

  • Why does it require Winterboard?

    • Anonymous

      It shouldn’t.

      • But it installs Winterboard when u try to install appmosaic

      • Anonymous

        Read the comment below.

  • I emailed the developer, he said it shouldn’t require winterboard, that was modmyi’s error and it should be fixed soon.

    • Hopefully will be fixed in an update.
      I hate WinterBoard. X(

    • Anonymous

      Thanks mhobb for going the extra mile.

  • Hello, I’m the developer of this app. I have submitted an update which fixes it not appearing on your Springboard and I have also got Modmyi to remove the Winterboard dependancy which was not even required. You can now download AppMosaic without Winterboard as you should have been able to.

    Thanks, Andrew