AppMosaic: an upcoming App Store discovery tool from Cydia

AppMosaic is an upcoming jailbreak app that brings App Store App discovery to your iDevice by means of Cydia.

I believe this is probably the first app of its kind on Cydia, and for that, AppMosaic gets major props for originality.

Upon opening the app, you’re presented with a two sided column that composes a full mosaic of app icons. The left side of the column is dedicated to the top 200 paid apps, and the right side is for the top 200 free apps.

Check out our full video walkthrough to see how AppMosaic can help you discover hidden gems on the App Store…


Tapping on one of the app icons featured on the mosaic will provide you with a few brief details about the app via a panel at the bottom of the screen. Tapping this panel will whisk you away to the App in question via the App Store app.

As it stands, AppMosaic is an interesting (if not ironic) jailbreak app that provides discovery for App Store apps that you may have overlooked. AppMosaic will be a free download, and should be available via Cydia in the near future.

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