Wouldn’t it be nice to have notifications whenever new Cydia updates are released? It’s already been done once with Aptdate, but that’s now been one-upped courtesy of Ryan Petrich’s latest creation entitled Curiosa.

Like Aptdate, Curiosa provides you with banner notifications for new Cydia updates, but this tweak includes quite a few additional options as you’ll notice from our video walkthrough…

Curiosa can be picked up for free on Ryan’s beta repo: http://rpetri.ch/repo/. It includes options for refresh intervals, along with the ability to key on specific keywords if you want to check for an app or tweak that you don’t have installed on your device.

I highly recommend that those who want to be on the bleeding edge of all things Cydia — check this tweak out. It works well for me, but remember it is still in beta.

Have you tried out Curiosa? If so, what was your experience?

  • Thanks 😀

  • Raul Bottazzi

    It works quite good in NC, but not shown in LockInfo

    • lockinfo will be updated to support it. they have a beta versionn already.

  • Anonymous

    What happened to cydiabulletin?

    • Veronica Xu

      This IS CydiaBulletin, it’s just released under a different name.

    • saurik said the blogs only assumed that its name is cydiabulletin which in the first place, never existed.

  • Question here Jeff, I remember you said it going to be name like “Aptdate” and now it come to be “Curiosa”. And I see “Aptdate” by developer named “thekirbylover” in another repo that is not a default Cydia repo.

    What happen?

    • Anonymous

      Ryan Petrich’s repo isn’t a default one either.

      • You right, but as I remember Jeff said this tweak going to named “Aptdate” now it appear to be “Curiosa”.

    • they are two different tweaks with similar function

      • “Curiosa” is beta.
        “Aptdate” didn’t say it’s in beta.

        Which one is better?

        I know Jeff didn’t review a tweak from none default repo.

      • I’m the developer of Aptdate; which tweak is better depends on if you want non-stock repo notifications and don’t mind a full Cydia refresh in the background (Curiosa), or if you want less data usage at the price of stock repo-only notifications (Aptdate).


      • Anonymous

        I’m trying to download Aptdate from Cydia but I can’t find it. Which repo is it in, again?

      • @prghon the repo is “repo.insanelyi.com”

  • Anonymous

    his tweaks are very sharp.. I wonder how he quickly checks the package for updates..

  • I want to know which one is better.. Aptdate or Curiosa……

  • please make a video witch app is better curiosa or aptdate

  • Daniel

    Love the tweak, but not the name.

    • Daniel

      Not getting any notifications at all, yet when I open Cydia, it already says there’s an update. Anyone else experience the same problem?

      • yes bro don’t work notified

    • quote…

  • Did I just hear that annoying double alert tone at 0:47 that occurs in some iPhone’s, 4S in particular…

  • Why does it say VoiceMailKiller ‘updated’? to me that doesn’t make sense, since it hasn’t actually been updated on the device. Shouldn’t it say VoiceMailKiller ‘update’ or ‘update available’?

  • Cydia

  • Anonymous

    Every Cydia refresh takes 3MB for me. This will eat 3MB on 3G every time it checks for package updates?