Yesterday, Google’s Larry Page sparked some controversy with some comments he made regarding Steve Jobs. In an interview with Businessweek, the CEO suggested that Jobs’ disdain for Android was more for show than anything else.

But Walter Isaacson, author of the Apple founder’s popular biography, tells a different story. Isaacson gave a lecture at the Royal Institution in the UK last night, and had no problem clearing the air about Jobs’ feelings on Google’s mobile OS…

The biographer said that Jobs felt like this was “history repeating itself,” and compared his feelings on Android to those he felt when he accused Microsoft of ripping off Apple’s Lisa GUI back in the early 1980s.

MacWorld UK, who was at the lecture, passes along some of Isaacson’s comments:

“He did the integrated system again, iPod, iPad, and it worked, “but what happens? Google rips it off.” Isaacson continued: “It’s almost copied verbatim by Android. And then they license it around promiscuously. And then Android starts surpassing Apple in market share, and this totally infuriated him. It wasn’t a matter of money. He said: ‘You can’t pay me off, I’m here to destroy’.”

Considering the onslaught of lawsuits we’ve seen Apple file against Android manufacturers over the past few years, this theory makes much more sense than Larry Page’s take on how Jobs felt about the Google’s operating system.

It’s also probably safe to say that Isaacson knew Jobs much better than Google’s CEO, as he spent an enormous amount of time with him while researching for his book.


  • Anonymous

    “but what happens? Google rips it off.”

    Seriously? Pot, meet Kettle.

    Personally I side with Pablo Picasso (“Bad artists copy. Good artists steal.”) on this one, but to complain about it when you’re doing it yourself is just silly.

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree, Steve Jobs is in fact one of the biggest thieves in technology. Reading stuff like that abt him actually makes me lose respect to the guy. I used to see him as a truly great pioneer but now he comes off as a total hypocrite…

      • Anonymous

        Totally agree. Contrary to popular belief, Steve Jobs was not THAT good of a person either. I’ve lost nearly all the respect I had for the guy.

      • Anonymous

        While he was a complete dick and an ass of a person, you can still respect him as a phenomenal businessman, which he was.

  • Read the book and you will see that jobs took other ideas and made them his own

  • Of coarse he would say that. What, he’s going to say “uh, yeah, the book’s not true.”?

  • Ok so people honestly though Steve jobs liked android? That’s why apple sues/gets sued 4 times every hour

    • That’s business these days, unfortunately. Everybody wants to make money, dominate and go down in history as somebody famous.

  • Anonymous

    The original was: “You can’t pay me off, I’m here to destroy YOU”… Sounds better that way. 😀