Transparency is one of those tweaks that allows you to do all sorts of things with respect to the look of your Home screen app icons. As its name suggests, the primary purpose is to make your icons transparent, or in many cases outright invisible.

Once installed, you’ll receive a new settings panel in the Settings app that allows you to customize your app icons in a very granular way. Take a look at our video walkthrough for the detailed evidence…

Again, this tweak is far from groundbreaking, but from my experience it is solid. Sure there may be other options out there to accomplish similar results, but the fact of the matter is that Transparency is free, and focused solely on the task at hand.

For those reasons, you might consider heading over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo and taking it for a test drive.

Do you plan on trying Transparency?

  • no

    • You speak good England.

  • I love seeing tweaks like this! What makes Cydia so great for the millions of people using it is the vast array of tweaks/themes/etc… that someone can download to fit whatever need.

  • ic0n1c

    this gotta be the shittiest tweaK so far!

    • So don’t download it…
      I’m a wallpaper nut so this tweak is fun to use. It lets me fade or hide my icons to see the beautiful retina wall behind them. Or when i can’t decide on any theme and just want something simple and minimal i think this app is perfect.

      So no sir, this doesn’t “gotta be the shittiest tweaK so far!” You clearly just don’t have a use for it but thats not the case for everyone.

  • I’ve spoke to the dev of this tweak, there is going to be some new up dates coming soon.. Toggles for the lock screen and and spring board..