We finally got our hands on the new Apple TV last Thursday and have had the chance to bask in its 1080p glory. While we already knew there was a single-core A5 processor inside, a forum user from XBMC.org has done a teardown of the device to reveal its insides.

From the teardown, we find that the new Apple TV still has the same 8GB of flash storage like its second-generation brother, but has received a bump to 512MB of RAM…

You’d think Apple would have upgraded the storage beyond 8GB to handle larger 1080p video files, but Cupertino-based Apple chose to stay with Toshiba’s drive. Since the Apple TV has such a reliance on streaming, file size won’t be that big of a deal. Netflix has already announced that it supports 1080p video streaming to compliment the new Apple TV.

The 512MB of RAM, from manufacturer Hynix, is an upgrade from the past 256MB of RAM. The RAM boost may make things a bit snappier. Lastly, the third-generation device features a second antenna, but there’s no word on what that antenna’s use is exactly.

Still waiting for your Apple TV to arrive? Check out our unboxing of the device!

Did buy a new Apple TV?


  • Bought it, now waiting for a jailbreak. XBMC!!!!!!!

  • Bought it too. Moved my old Apple TV to my bedroom where my TV is only 720p. Works out great!

    • I walked right into an Apple store yesterday and there were not only a bunch of Apple TV’s, but also they still had iPad 3’s left! This was a huge store too. Crazy.

  • I believe that’s just an A5 processor not a A5X

    • That is not even a A5 it is a “downgraded” single-core A5. But should be enough

    • Anonymous

      You’re right. Update article please, Jake Smith.

  • Anonymous

    this device is one of the best 99 bucks purchase one can make

  • Apple tv jailbreak, what Would it give?
    and can we watch free movies on the apple tv

  • i finally decided to get one.. with mountain lion coming to give the ability to airplay the mac to my tv, i thought it was worth the 99 bucks. i actually prefer it most to play my itunes out of the awesome speakers of my tv (which is what i’m doing now!)

  • Anonymous

    I did buy the new Apple TV, and I got it one day early last Thursday via FedEx!!!!

    I’m now hoping to see a jailbreak – but according to your latest post, “Apple’s cheapest iOS device might also be the most secure” it looks like it could be a while. 🙁

  • Unboxing vids yeah that’s not anything everyone else has done to death already !

  • Bought it Friday..just Finished setting it up..Steaming 1080p TV Shows now..SWEET!!!