For most, the iPhone app switcher features enough options to get by. For jailbreakers? It’s a whole different story.

Imperium is a jailbreak tweak that seeks to replace the App Switcher with OS X-like Mission Control inspired functionality in tow.

If you consider yourself to be an iOS power user, then check inside to see whether or not Imperium will fit into your daily workflow…

Imperium gives users the ability to set predefined app shortcuts, kill apps, toggle functions like Bluetooth, adjust brightness, and launch apps from a scrolling list of all of your installed apps.

Imperium uses Activator, and features several settings to adjust the look and feel of the tweak.

Imperium is now available on Cydia for the price of $0.99 on the BigBoss repo.

What do you think?

  • Looks pretty cool I just wish there was a free trial. I know .99 cents is not that much but I have bought and paid for several tweaks that I dont use after a while and dont even have them installed. so .99 cents adds up over time. All apps/tweaks should have a lite or free version to see if its really worth spending your hard earned money on.

    • Dan

      There is a way to get any tweak on trial, just gotta know which repo to use.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, but you’re missing the point. One should not have to go that route, just to try an app/tweak out imo.

      • Dan

        I agree, but until developers implement that option, you do what you gotta do. I bought too many tweaks that were incompatible with others.

    • It might be off topic but Im confused when people say they buy tweaks n apps from Cydia , when you can simply get the same tweaks for free from Cydia with different repos or sources . Is there a difference in functionality or something between the paid and cracked free tweaks from Cydia that Im missing out here ?

      • Support the developers man.. Without them we would have nothing.
        The only added functionality is a clean conscience.

      • Anonymous

        Stealing is wrong and bad..

  • jose castro

    it looks sweet, i wonder when it will come out.

  • Gus Me

    I’m thinking I’ll be getting and liking this. Nice work on the vid and different camera angles. πŸ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    I think developers have great ideas, great skills in coding Cydia tweaks, but they are totally missing the point: it’s an iPhone, if I want to add a function make it easy to use!

  • I wish this developer would get together with the developer of SBSettings and combine the two, because this interface looks gorgeous. It just doesn’t seem to have the ability to kill background processes, respring, power options, etc…

    • did you see the top picture of the post? it has power alert button πŸ™‚ when you tap it you get a alert with respring, reboot, power off, safe mode πŸ™‚

      • Sina

        Sure ?
        I thought it has settings that used for (Low)PowerAlert …

      • lol i am the developer of the tweak itself xD

      • Can you release this already my PayPal account wants it ASAP!

      • Sina

        Sorry, just said what I thought πŸ™‚

    • Anonymous

      SBsetting is still the best after all these years..

  • looks great

  • The problem is there are so many apps that basically do the same thing ! i’m buying so many tweaks getting clustered with conflicts .

  • Dan

    Nice, I will most likely buy this. It’s almost the same thing as superswitcher, but this tweak is more aesthetically pleasing.

  • Hay jeff activator make crash on jillbroken ios 5.1 how it works with u

  • Anonymous

    Hope the WIFI, Airplane, Bluetooth…. Switcher Will replace with the icon like IntelliscreenX. That would be cooler

  • Anonymous

    Hey Jeff, Completely off topic but I remember in one of your videos you said you never use a case or a screen protector. Do you use a certain kind of scratch removal for fine scratches? Almost anything can leave a light scratch on a iPhone it seams


  • Jeff, you make some great vids buddy. Keep it up!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m kinda diggin’ on it. I may give it a try. The tweak from a couple days ago was nice, but too much like an older app I had that I rarely used. Coolness wears off fast. So simplistic and convenience plays a huge role in these tweaks and apps. I do use SBSettings…but really, and mostly just for resprings or reboots, BT, pretty much what this app seems to offer.
    But I also have KillBackground which covers me to kill all running background apps in one tap. Had it for a long time, and it’s great. But I do like the look of this one…will def consider it.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to know what camera are you using to shoot your videos

  • I wish this was out now!!!

  • Anonymous

    I wish you would wait to post the videos for these tweaks till after they have already been published on Cydia

    • Anonymous

      I concur. One can easily get the impression that you are attempting only to impress . It would definitely be more considerate and fruitful for all if you waited until the tweaks were actually available for all (not just a selected few) imo. πŸ˜‰

  • Very impressive — I’d more than likely give it a go, ever since my built-in app switcher started crashing on me (due to some undetermined tweak, but a workaround is less work).

    One thing I’d like to see is an A-Z bar on the right-hand side of the “All Apps” screen. I’ve got over 200 of them, and scrolling down the list, as I’ve had to do in Activator, makes my fingers cramp by the time I get to the N’s. πŸ™‚ If there’s any chance of the developer adding this, I’d be all over this the day it’s out.

  • sn0wbaLL

    will this work with zephyr?

  • Anonymous

    all these tweaks do the same stuff… im getting bored…

  • doesnt look impressive to me….

  • Looks like a great tweak! And concerning purchasing an app – I do sometimes “trial” the app with different repos. But, as soon as I see that I am going to use it on an ongoing basis, I always purchase the app so I can support the developers. But, on apps like these that are priced right – I sometimes just buy it to support the development of jailbroken apps period. I do the same with app store apps. I will try it out with other “app stores” that I use. But, I either buy it or delete it. 99.9% of my apps on my iPhone and iPad are legitimate purchases.

    Make sure and support the developers! They work hard and deserve it! πŸ™‚

  • Multiple tweaks.. Hoping it has no bugs