Apple has been rumored to unveil a 7-inch iPad for years now, and we most recently heard the Kindle Fire competitor is set to launch sometime this fall. Earlier this month, leaked Samsung documents helped tighten up some of the rumors.

Today, Asian publication Digitimes is reporting that the 7-inch iPad will feature a slim bezel display, that will bring less space between the display and outside of the device…

The slim bezel display would help the 7-inch iPad achieve a larger, more optimal, viewing area. I like the idea, because it would give you the most space possible. iPads haven’t had the most slim bezels in the past.

You’d think the 7-inch tablet would feature a Retina display like the new iPad, however, according to the report Apple will use IPS/FFS panels from LG Display and AU Optronics.

Pricing for the 7-inch iPad is rumored to be similar to that of Amazon’s Kindle Fire and others. If the 7-inch iPad actually sees the light of day, it should be priced around $199 – $300.

There has been a lot of skeptics, including me, of the 7-inch iPad. Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs even discredited the rumor around a year ago, but hey, Apple changes its mind all of the time.

What really strikes as odd to me is why Apple wouldn’t include a Retina display on the device. If they can do it on a 10-inch tablet and 4-inch phone, why can’t it be done a 7-inch tablet? My best guess is to save money.

Do you think Apple will launch a 7-inch iPad?

  • why buy a small iPad when you already have a bigger one???

    • Anonymous

      Why are you talking like every single person on the planet already owns an ipad and would never have a need for a 7″ tablet, pretty naive if you ask me and I for one would love a 7″ iPad.

      • i am sorry i was not clear! i didnt mean the people, i meant the company (Apple) itself.

        if ur manufacturing a bigger ipad with great features why make a small one?

        trust me reading on a 9.7 inch ipad is far more enjoyable than on the 7 inch ipad.

    • Same reason you’d buy an iPod when you already own an iPhone. Because its convenient.

      • Honestly, if you buy and iPod when you already have an iPhone, your an idiot and just throwing your cash away. You might as well give that money to charity so that you can actually do some good it this world instead of owning the new iDevice.

    • David Villamizar

      Apple always avoids saturing the market, making another ipad would split apple’s and consumer attention to two different products that basicaly do the same, just look at samsung, it has so many galaxy tabs/s II phones that it ends up making a lot of not so good products with really rare updates and support, while apple has just a few devices to worry about, that way it gets easier to keep them all up to date and to avoid fragmentation in the appstore, making a great product by the way

  • Answer, NO. But to tell you the true, some people (4) I know have the PlayBook, just because it’s smaller/cheaper.

  • No retina display ?

  • They just released The new iPad, what the point for release another one lol

  • Aric Bolf

    It makes sense to trim the outside edge of the iPad some for a few reasons. It could be to trim costs of the pad because of the physics of the possibility of glass breakage. The larger the piece of glass, the larger the edging needs to be to withstand the forces of normal use. This also applies to the thickness of the glass.

  • i’m pretty sure that samsung gonna sue apple after ipad 7″ come out.. ;p

  • I do think that Apple won’t last long if this 7-inch thing come out
    It is going to mess up everything

    I would absolutely give up using Apple things if this 7-inch iPad,
    or even something like 4-inch iPhone become on sale

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure Apple will miss you if you ditch them because they bring out a 7″ iPad, just don’t buy it, wtf does it matter to you??

      • Just don’t like companies making phone-tablet-intermediate freak,
        that’s one of the main reasons why I have never put my eyes on Samsung’s stuff

  • the reason i haven’t gotten an ipad, is because its too big, i used a friends playbook, and its quite comfortable to use. a 7″ would be great and id buy it in a heartbeat.

  • There will never be a 7″ iPad, since when did Apple copy the competition? If there is an Apple 7″ device in the making then you can bet that it’s something radical and new, but not an iPad.

    • Anonymous

      pple never copy anybody right, what about notification centre and a whole host of tweaks from jailbreak devs that were implemented into iOS 5 … I guess that doesn’t count because it isn’t hardware, get real !!

      • rosssimpson

        tweaks from jailbreak devs are not apple, so technically apple didn’t copy. js.

      • Everyone in the world know that there are other size of tablets out there,
        but only jailbreak tweak developers, and also part of jaillbreakers, would know what Apple did in every major update of iOS… ( not just 5 )

  • I would buy the new ipad if it had a thin bezel but making for 11″ display not 7. I got my old ipad1 for that. Probably may attract book lovers or simply people without previous ipads. Anyway anything Apple makes turns a cult so probably this new 7″ if ever comes out will become the top sell of the year not matter what we think.

  • Dan

    Steve Jobs even discredited the rumor around a year ago.

    That’s the thing, now that Jobs is gone, there’s nothing preventing Cook from mucking things up.

    Should they come out with a 7” display? No.
    Will they? Probably.

  • I’m all for variety in any type of market; but for me, I think the 9.7 inch iPad is the perfect size for a tablet.

  • I think a 7″ iPad isn’t a good idea. To many products… a 7″ iPad wouldn’t be something new. I like it that Apple only has so few products and just keeps updating them. Samsung or HTC have so many Smartphones, that you don’t even now whats good and whats crap. Just a thin bezel would do it for me 🙂 But thats just my opinion 😉

  • rosssimpson

    i dont care about the hardware it’s the os that does it for me

    iOS > Android > RIM

    7 inch ios tablet? count me in!