Feeling a little blue about the Apple TV refresh now that you see it got a nice new interface along with 1080p? Don’t fret, current Apple TV owners will be able to bask in the glory of that new interface as well via a software update later today.

Of course, if you’re an Apple TV jailbreaker we advise you to hold off on updating if you want to maintain your jailbreak, but we have to admit it will be mighty hard not to give into the curiosity of the new UI update.

Obviously if you want to enjoy 1080p video, with iTunes in the Cloud support, you will need to preorder a shiny new Apple TV today. It will be available next week for $99.

What do you think?

  • Done 🙂 Could care less about the Jailbreak, iVI is a brilliant app that makes converting for iTunes a breeze and the Jailbreak currently does nothing I need, this new interface looks gorgeous. God apple knows how to make things look nice.

  • I’ll stick with jailbroken TV.. To up grade just for a new interface is not worth the hassle ..

  • Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be updating, I like my XBMC too much.

  • Anonymous

    I have never had the balls to JB my ATV2, so I’m updating today without fail.

  • Joe D

    Until there is a way to view my Videos/Movies/TV without itunes, a third party application, or device doing the mediation I’ll stick with my jailbroken ATV2. Jailbreaking the ATV2 offers such a simple solution called accessing a Network share!!!!! Who would of thought????? ATVFlash is a great application! That being said I’ll upgrade my ATV when a jailbreak is offered. I’ll buy a new ATV if apple winds up offering a TV subscription service.

  • Anonymous

    Yawn….Yep I knew there wouldnt be anything great. So now they offer 1080 like EVERYBODY else. No new channels just a new ui. Big deal. If your a new nuyer then nice. If you own a Apple Tv2 like me then…..Yawn.

    That’s why I bought a RoKu yesterday knowning Apple was announcing the TV3 today. LOve that Roku. I’ll use the TV2 for airplay which I don’t need anymore really because Roku has the channels I would be streaming. Otherwise the RoKu rocks!!

  • I’m just pissed because I’ve had my ATV2 for less than a month :-((

    • Same here buddy. I bought mine on the last Friday they were available on Amazon. Kinda pissed I wasted that $100 now…