The big day is coming! Tomorrow, Apple will unveil the highly anticipated iPad 3 – or whatever they decide to call it. After months of rumors and speculations, we’re finally going to find out what Apple’s new will looks like and what it hides under the hood.

So tune in to iDB tomorrow morning, starting at 10am PST (see what it is in your time zone), as Cody, Jeff and I cover the iPad 3 event so you don’t miss one bit…

As always when Apple is about to unveil big things, we will be taped to our computers to deliver the news over to you quickly and accurately. Make sure to mark your calendar now, and join us tomorrow to share the excitement with us.

While you’re waiting, you can always kill time by checking out what we can expect from tomorrow’s event, as well as iDB’s predictions for the iPad 3.

Excited much?

  • I would if i didn’t have school!

    • sn0wbaLL

      how do you get the apple by your name?

  • live video stream?

  • 🙁 i have school. Hey Jeff, are you guys doing a recording of it?

  • Thats why I like UK. When apple unveils something, its always in evenings.

    • same thing in sweden, 7 p.m. it is. Love it!

    • Anonymous

      Lucky for some. I’ll be getting up at 5am here in Australia 🙁

      • Kok Hean

        It’s going to be at around 2 AM here :/

  • No we’re not going to do any recording. Just blog posts

    • Are you going to be there or just reporting from the blogs that are?

  • Anonymous

    notcom tweets: A few more hours before apple disappoints us by delivering less than
    we’ve all been expecting… Can’t wait.
    Ha ha ha

    • Anonymous

      The rumor mill always overhypes peoples expectations to unreasonable levels, leaving them disappointed by anything less than some miracle device with time travel capabilities 😛