While we’re fairly certain about most of the iPad 3’s features and even its release date, pricing and configuration has remained a bit of a mystery. A purported iPad pricing matrix surfaced on the web earlier this week claiming that the new tablet would be more expensive than its predecessors, but otherwise we haven’t heard a peep.

Well thankfully the folks over at 9to5Mac have broken the silence today with a new report that covers both storage configurations and pricing for the iPad 3. Want to know how much the new tablet will cost? Read on…

According to the site’s sources, the iPad 3’s prices will be “the same across the board” as current iPad 2 models. And the same for configurations. A report from DigiTimes earlier this week claimed the new tablet wouldn’t come in a 64GB flavor, but that just doesn’t seem to be the case.

It’s worth noting that 9to5Mac accurately leaked nearly every aspect of the iPhone 4S weeks before the handset was unveiled. So we have no reason to doubt their claims. It looks like users will still be able to purchase an entry-level iPad 3 for just under $500. Cool.

  • Hope there are some really greater news than just the memory boos and retina display and a5x

    • Sina

      Just wait a few more days … ! 🙂

    • Same here, ultimately i’m gonna wait for a video comparison between ipad3 retina screen vs ipad

  • Why does this seem like breaking news? It’s been priced as such 2 years ago and it has sold millions. Why would apple change it now?

  • Anonymous

    This is the easiest rumor to accurately publish.
    I honestly thought it was a humor piece by iDB :p It would have been refreshing

  • So that looks like a no-go on a 4G iPad.

    • That picture is unrelated to the article, it’s simply a picture from the current iPad purchasing page. It never said in the article that this is a picture of what will be available, just that the pricing will stay the same and not increase. Which.. seemed rather obvious to me, not sure who thought they would increase the already slightly steep price.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s stop kidding outselves with the “just under 500” crap.

    • a smit


      you’d figure in this day and age people would be somewhat immune to lame marketing techniques, but really, alot of people fall for lame ass lines like that all the time – i’m guessing it’s mostly the drowning-in-too-much-information-and-stuff kids

  • I guess I’m missing something? Where does that picture in ANY way show something about and iPad 3? It has to be a joke article?

    • Ok, now I clicked the link to the matrix. I get it. But disagree.