Do you rarely find yourself using iOS 5’s Lock screen camera shortcut? If so, you may be interested in this handy tweak that maps the camera button on your Lock screen to Siri.

It’s called LockAssistant, and instead of invoking your camera when tapping the shortcut on your Lock screen, your helpful assistant will be at your beck and call…

LockAssistant permanently exposes the camera shortcut on your Lock screen so you don’t have to double press the Home button every time you want to invoke Siri.

Unfortunately the camera button still looks like a camera button, so there’s no indication that it’ll actually launch Siri until you try it out.

LockAssistant can be had for free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for jailbroken iOS 5 users.

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  • Because siri is so hard to launch as is

    • Dan

      you laugh, but I find it a bit annoying having to wait 2-3 seconds on my iPhone 4 to launch Siri.

  • You could go to /System/Library/CoreServices/ and replace it with a new on if you want to change the camera button.

  • I know you have to wait 1… 2… 3 whole seconds! [gasp] :0
    However… It’d would be nice so you can cut down on your home button a wear and tear. It’s usually the first thing to go.

  • the developer said he would release an update fixing the icon he just wanted to get it out there

  • I’ll stick with SiriLaunch and Intelliscreenx. No home button issues.

  • i double tap on the clock on the lock screen and it initiates siri. plus i still have use of the camera button if needed. you can do this also via activator. go to ANYWHERE then the section LOCKSCREEN, click on the the DOUBLE TAP CLOCK and assign it to the Virtual Assistant which is Siri