Apple hosted its annual shareholder’s meeting yesterday in Cupertino, California. This marked the first time that Tim Cook addressed the company’s board and its investors as Apple’s CEO.

Topics of the meeting ranged anywhere from Apple’s record-breaking quarter last year, to its relationship with Facebook. Those who attended the affair described Cook as witty, knowledgeable, and passionate as he talked about Apple’s future…

“You can be assured we are working as hard as ever this year to deliver an incredible year and some products that will blow your mind.”

“Products that will blow your mind.” At first glance, this obviously sounds like a CEO selling his company. But if we take it at face value, the phrase has far more meaning.

When was the last time Apple unveiled something that blew your mind? I mean really blew your mind. Was it last year, with the iPhone 4S? No. Don’t get me wrong, Siri is cool and all. But it’s not mind-blowing. So the iPad 2 then? No. It was essentially the same thing as the original iPad, but thinner.

No, the last time that an Apple product really blew our minds (and this is clearly debatable) was the iPad — back in 2010. With its 10″ multitouch display, 10 hour battery life and seemingly endless array of possible uses, the iPad was definitely a game-changer.

With that in mind, the fact that Tim Cook says that Apple has products coming out this year that will blow our minds has us salivating. Is he talking about the iPad 3? Is the next iPhone really going to be that awesome? Will we finally see the rumored Apple television?

The world has been waiting to see if Apple can continue to churn out hit products now that Steve Jobs is no longer at the helm. Perhaps this is the year we start finding that out.


  • iBomb?

  • They better be, I have some more money to spend..

  • excitedddddd

  • With Tim Cook having made that statement, maybe I should wait a while before buying that Mac Book Pro. What do you all think?

  • If any product they produce and puts the name that starts with “I” will blew the mind of people anyway. It’s not the product it’s the “I”.

  • An iMansion, anyone..?
    A house that will listen to you via Siri, have on ur TV what u have on ur devices or order groceries via Siri without leaving ur couch..?

  • Cloudi Windi

    Is Tim Cook trying to erase Steve Job name?

    • Anonymous


    • Sina


      (doesn’t mean Cook cant be another hero in apple, but erasing Steve’s name ? Are you kidding me ??!)

      • Cloudi Windi

        You’re right Cook want to be a bigger hero then Job. xD

  • Except that anything that comes out for the next few years will be Steve Jobs influenced. I want to see what Apple is releasing in 2017 compared to the competition.

    • I agree apple were years ahead wid the iphone in 2007 nd nw there r still ahead but not dat much…:|

  • iBlow Dryer. that’s something will blow our mind or hair

  • It’s about time that Apple will change the TV Industry since it sucks right now.
    Talk to your TV and put the remote into a museum use your TV as a Computer and the same apply to your car navigation system. For the Mac forget all the Leopards and Lions and get used to multi touch and voice commands, and stream all in 1080P from any Apple Device to your TV. Hope you don’t have to wait too long…

  • Anonymous

    Blow our minds? He planning on selling drugs, after patenting them, and sell them. No, jokes asaide, they say blow your minds after the original iphone and ipad i guess… This will be a new category!!!

  • itits?

    • Hope they dont have the bite mark…;D
      If u know wot i mean…lololz

      • ROTFLMFAO!!! That would be so messed up! XD

  • ron

    a product that doesnt cost a small fortune?

  • the iSuicide Net

  • They’re bringing Siri to life. A robot personal assistant that will “blow” your mind 😀

  • iUnderwear

  • Iwantyourmoney…..

  • iCook, a pressure cooker, it will blow a whistle fr sure…lol
    Jokes aside, if apple is saying they will blow our mind i definitely think they ll. Only compony capable of it.:))

  • iPerson inside the computer that talks to you and works just like siri except in our macs instead? I’d love that, talk to my computer instead and not have to type or use the mouse. But doubt it, probably a new launch of software (mac os x mountain lion, woot woot) or I’m really hoping for this one, new line of iMac products and iPods.

  • Products that will blow your mind huh, ‘ll be Apple TV?!

  • no no no this is what he is talkin about IHooker!!! Hahahaha

  • I think its an iapple.When you eat it then it blows your mind in pieces

  • I hope BLOWING OUR MINDS in a positive sense 😀 We don’t want trash from apple atleast