Neurocube Siri is yet another 3D animated Siri theme that contains nearly 300 frames of animation.

Not too long ago we covered we covered Neurotech Siri, a theme in similar vain, which was also elegantly animated.

Simply put, if you’re looking to add style to the Siri interface, then you can’t go wrong with either theme.

I called Neurotech Siri the best looking Siri theme yet, and while I still think it retains the crown, Neurocube Siri is mighty pleasing to the eye as well.

Just like its older brother, Neurocube Siri requires a jailbroken iOS 5 instance, Siri or Spire, WinterBoard, and is downloadable on Cydia’s ModMyi repo for $1.00.

What do you think about Siri themes in general? Do you enjoy the way they look?

  • For Android users looking for a more animated (and free) personal assistant: we released Everfriends at Christmas, and an update is coming out in, well, about 20 minutes 🙂

    Next, should our priority be adding more entertaining/RPG features OR enhancing functionality with voice-activated sms and email?

  • sold

  • Just got it.

  • Tom

    Does this slow Siri down at all?

    I am running Spire through a proxy on my iPhone 4 and it’s already a bit sluggish. This theme looks awesome, but I don’t really want to make it even slower!

  • I was really excited about NeuroTech Siri and installed it. Right away I noticed a slow down and sluggishness in my i4. So I uninstalled it. This one looks equally as bad ass. I’m going to try it with ‘QuickSiri’ that was posted about yesterday here and see if it makes any difference.

  • Nice, but I would really be impressed with a facial animation like A.I. Vicky from iRobot, or Cortana from Halo. Generally just the ideal concepts of those animation on the Siri screen would be awesome.

  • Osorio11

    That is probably why you are perceived by the majority of normal people as a childish nerd.
    Sorry, but I find this kind of reactions so sad, this time I had to say something.

  • Reminds me of FolderEnhancer

  • there’s a report of this containing malware. i’ll get the article. it was in Wall Street Journal tech section

  • Charles Seas

    Why you on this sight then?