We don’t really need more proof that the iPhone and iPad are a success, but every now and then we still like to be reminded of it. This time, it’s Horace Dediu from Asymco that shares some incredible stats about the success of iOS.

To put things into perspective, Dediu created a graph that shows the cumulative sales of Apple computing products over the years since their launch. The conclusion is just breathtaking. More iOS devices were sold in 2011 than all the Macs ever sold…

Apple sold 156 million iOS devices in 2011, reaching 316 million cumulative iOS units ever sold. In comparison, it took the company 28 years to sell 122 million Macs. Unbelievable.

  • There could be a simple but ‘unbelievable’ explanation for this. iOS devices are significantly cheaper than a Mac.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, cheap is not a word you associate with Mac’s, extortionate would fit the bill more.

    • sn0wbaLL

      cheaper how? only if you buy with a contract(that contract will cost you more than a Macbook in the end) Outside the US/Canada people buy iPhones at full price.

      • The good thing with the UK is almost every cellular network offers the iPhone for sale, so they have some competitive prices. All my iPhones that I’ve owned have been brought at full price, I simply get a simple only contract that ends up much cheaper than my £1849 MacBook pro.

      • Anonymous

        invalid argument, you are suggesting that the 2 year of services that you’ll pay, would only pay the price for the iphone, when in that time that contract gives you telephony, a phone, + data services… pretty awesome if you ask me.

        besides the different from paying a macbook pro against an iphone is that you get smaller monthly payments(did you know people get paid montly).

  • Lol there are more iPods than iPads sold

  • Cant say im suprised. Iphone is a good product indeed. I dont know what i would even need a mac for. Sure it looks nice on both the inside and outside. But then what? Everything i do except browsing the net i need a pc for. And theres not that many games that supports mac either. I wouldnt pay those big bucks for a surfing tool