Ladies and gentlemen, this is by far the easiest way to get Siri running on your older devices like the iPhone 4, or iPod touch G4, and it requires no proxy server or meticulous setup.

As long as you have a generous friend that’s willing to send you a file from their jailbroken iPhone 4S, you can have Siri running on an older device in just a few minutes.

Inside, we’ll walk you through how to use AssistantConnect and AssistantConnect4S on video. It’s extremely simple, just follow this brief tutorial…

Step 1: Install Spire on your iPhone 4, or other older device. Once installed go to Settings > General > and enable Siri.

Step 2: Install AssistantConnect4S on an iPhone 4S device, open the AssistantConnect4S app, and reboot your iPhone 4S.

Step 3: Install AssistantConnect on the iPhone 4, or other older device.

Step 4: After your iPhone 4S reboots open AssistantConnect4S, and then invoke Siri, and ask it anything. Once Siri responds, tap the “Email Siri Data” button, and email the data to the iPhone 4, or other non 4S device. Make sure the attachment has a file size (mine reports 0.9kb) to ensure that it’s not empty.

Step 5: On your iPhone 4 or older device, open the email sent from the iPhone 4S with the attachment, and open the attachment. Tap the button that says Open in “AssistantConnect”. AssistantConnect will open to a dialogue that says “File Copied” and “AssistantConnect File Loaded Successfully”. Tap Dismiss, go to your Home screen, and respring or reboot your device.

Step 6: Once your iPhone 4 or older device is back up, hold your Home button to invoke Siri and ask her a question. It should work just like on an iPhone 4S!

And that’s it. This is by far without a doubt the easiest way to get Siri outside of buying your very own iPhone 4S.

Have you tried it? Were you successful? Let us know what your experience has been with AssistantConnection.

  • hamada bazzar

    if a friend of mine sends me the key every time the expiration´╗┐ expires would it cause any harm to his iphone 4S??? can someone please answer me

  • it works!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hamada bazzar

    why does assistantconnect expires to 6-9 hours? i was told 24 hours, what is the problem here?

    • cant you foward the date on the 4S in settings and invoke siri then send the data file, wont it make the expires date last until the date you set on the 4S?

      • I was thinking about that too but I don’t think it will work because apple set the key to expire every 24 hours and no matter what date u change to it will still expire after 24 hours. Siri only works every 24 hours with different keys, it wont work with the same key over and over. This my opinion but u can try it out if u want to and if there’s any luck just tell me ­čÖé

  • This works perfect. I have used this perfectly on my wife’s iPhone 4. I have the 4S and Siri is working like a charm on her phone. Emailing the info to her everyday isn’t going to be hard at all. It’s way easier then paying $40 bucks a year for a proxy server. So much easier! Great tweak!

  • Anonymous

    Hi I did everything what was written above and below when I try Siri it keeps saying “i am really sorry but ….”

    Now so I ran out of ideas…

    Can help me somebody?

  • it was working till a new version of spire released on cydia
    after upgrading it’s not working
    any help ??

  • Yes it is working you just need to type it worked for me after many tries…Thanks Jeff!!!

  • This works flawlessly. I’ve been using it all night and adding tweaks from Cydia to it on my iPhone 4. amazing.

  • Cloudi Windi

    Is that really true that the iPhone 4s could be ban, using this Sharing method or it’s just a rumor came from users that afraid of that. Jeff didn’t mention about that, or maybe he didn’t want to guarantee that. Hmm… Which one should it be? xD

  • Seems like the dev should add an auto send and auto receive every 24 hours and this would be very useful

  • Anonymous

    I tried to install Siri using your “manual” on my IP4 and it keeps saying, I am sorry I can’t take…. Did I do anything wrong?

  • I’m having one problem. Siri worked perfectly for few days but yesterday when i tried to send data from ip4s the assistancontrol4s crashed. I tried to reinstall this but it’s still not working. Any ideas to solve these?

  • Thanks. It works. Now I have siri in my old iPhone 4 device. Siri is the next best thing after the touch screen.

  • I have been having an issue with Siri working with assistant connect. She would work some days and some days not. I finlay figured it out. The siri keys must be sent from a 4S that is connected to the 3g network, If it is connect to Wifi and sent….She will not work!!!!!!

  • @jeff can share key with me i dont have fren with iphone 4s my my mail

  • ace ash

    Is there any way to make it last longer than a day

  • Chupchup03

    Will this work with Spite? On iOS 5.1.1.

  • hi can you email me the 4s key
    my email id is
    thanx a ton