We’ve talked about AndroidLoader before, the jailbreak tweak that replicates the way Android lets you see all your apps on one single page. Today the app got a major update making the it more appealing than ever.

For those of you who don’t know AndroidLoader, it’s a tweak that allows you to launch, view or hide certain applications, play music, and more, with a simple tap or swipe gesture…

While AndroidLoader looks good, I can already see two reasons why I wouldn’t personally use it. For one, it relies on my nemesis: Winterboard. But more importantly, it would get in the way of my new favorite jailbreak tweak: Zephyr.

Of course, this is just me expressing my concerns, and depending on your iPhone set up and usage, you might feel different about AndroidLoader. If you do, and assuming you haven’t already purchased the tweak when it first came out, make sure to have a look at it. Version 1.2 is available from the ModMyi repo for $2.99.

What do you think?

UPDATE: Surenix, the developer of AndroidLoader, tells me the app has been updated and isn’t dependent of WinterBoard anymore. Yay!


  • Matt Lewis

    What’s wrong with WinterBoard? :/

    • I’ve just had so many problems with Winterboard in the past that I don’t even bother installing it any more. But again, this is my own experience. Your mileage may vary 🙂

      • Kok Hean

        Winterboard is a memory hog.

      • Ugh I know, right?!
        WinterBoard makes the slide transitions slow..

      • you can fix this with barrel

      • Anonymous

        Thank you! I have recently been trying to isolate what has been causing lag when sliding between my springboard pages, and it never occurred to me that it could be Winterboard, as even though I had Winterboard installed, I had all themes disabled so I thought that couldn’t be the culprit.

        Turns out that even just having Winterboard installed (even when no themes whatsoever are running) still causes lag (stuttering of the slide animation) when switching between springboard pages. That’s very lame.

        Winterboard used to be cool, but it’s received very little attention or updates over the years, so it seems it’s a tweak that is best run on older versions of iOS. I’m enjoying the speed and look of running iOS unthemed anyway (apart from the default notification centre, which I use Springtomize2 to make transparent) so I definitely won’t be installing Winterboard again.

      • Dan

        same here, ditched winterboard for good

  • Huey Nguyen

    What do you use to theme your iPhone without Winterboard?

    • Anonymous

      Dreamboard is a great alternative

    • Anonymous

      Springtomize 2,which is the official sponsor of this blog, as you may have seen.

  • I don’t understand all the disdain for winterboard on this site. it does not hog ram. disable it in the mobilesubstrate section of sbsettings and respring. you’ll see no difference in available memory. i know because i’ve tried on more than one occasion. dreamboard, on the other hand, made me restore.

    that being said, i don’t like tweaks that don’t work on their own aside from utilizing mobilesubstrate. seems more risky to me if it’s a tweak relying on winterboard and not a theme. just doesn’t seem right. =/

    • Anonymous

      Glad you mentioned Dreamboard, if any1 wants to talk about a memory hog then there it is.

    • sure hogs like 10-20 MB’s of RAM for me, sometimes 30

    • WB hogs ram because themes have uncompressed images (stock iOS images are compressed). You can use the optimize themes button to compress them and save ram.


  • whats the theme name for the icons i remember i had it but forgot the name remind me!

  • What’s the theme on that?

  • I can’t get Androidloader to work on my i4S. Any ideas. The tweak shows up under settings with all the features in place. But no Tab on home page

    • Kok Hean

      It definitely works on the i4S.

      • yup didnt even have to enable it. After respring there it was.

  • Ugh winterboard.

  • Same here iPhone 4s. No icon, nothing happens when I swipe up either.

    • Tyler Bickel

      Same! No Icon…

      • A fix (update) will be made available today.

      • How do I pull up the list. I don’t see that blue circle.

  • Hoping for a fix or an explanation by the am. Looked really cool. Must be springtomize or activator conflicts.

  • AndroidLoader isn’t playing well with MyAssistant—I’ve submitted an update that addresses this issue. It’ll be available tomorrow. From Dev

    • Tyler Bickel

      Great to hear! Those are the devs that I feel better paying for.

  • sn0wbaLL

    im speechless, why would an iOS user want this?

    • Dan

      no idea, it’s like the took the most annoying feature of android and ported it to iPhone. I hate that you can’t make folder on android phones (or at least the ones I tried)

      • There’s many reasons but if you’re not interested, you’re not interested. Next.

      • Anonymous

        The tweak crashes my springboard btw, every time i try and invoke the dock, also the lables won’t hide.

      • Anonymous

        You need to try some different phones dude, you can make folders and shit loads of other things that you can’t do on iOS. Also, why shouldn’t people want an iPhone with the best features of both OS’s, not everybody is a fanboy, I personally want any useful tweak whether it be from either OS because i’m not so pathetic about it.

      • Dan

        I definitely think that having the best of both worlds is the point of jailbreaking, many tweaks borrow from android functionality. To me, this theme was not it. Not a fanboy either, I convinced my girlfriend to get a galaxy S2 since it was better for what she wanted =P

  • If i wanted my iPhone to look like an android, i would have bought an android phone. Don’t get the point of these tweaks

    • Okay, spend $199–$299 on a phone instead of $2.99.

  • Anonymous

    Well I installed it out of curiosity, and let me just say it replicates the Android experience beautifully – because while the animation that opens the tray is smooth, scrolling the list itself lags so much it makes it my eyes hurt!

    • AndroidLoader scrolling lags or the actual Android device tray itself lags?

      • Anonymous

        The animation that hides the dock/slides up the Android tray is as smooth as butter. It’s when I scroll the list of apps itself that it stutters and lags. Looks like the frame rate for rendering icons drops from 60fps to 15fps.

        I installed it because I could actually use the convenience of browsing my apps in alphabetical order, but it’s just not smooth enough to be a viable alternative to the Springboard.

        This is on an iPhone 4 though, so perhaps people using an iPhone 4S will not get this problem.

      • I’ve tested this on an iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. iPhone 4S runs like butter, so you say 😛
        As for the iPhone 4, yes you will be a little lag. Try disabling the App Labels (if you don’t care). This little “lag” issue will definitely be looked over.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for your feedback below (it won’t let met reply to a reply of a reply 😉 ). If the lag issue improves on the iPhone 4 it will be a great tweak.

  • so if a person doesn’t theme their device (such as myself) and wants to try this, one must install Winterboard. Good for you dev, you lost a potential sale.

    • Check again, AndroidLoader does not install WinterBoard anymore. I don’t know why it did in the first place but thanks for verifying.

  • androidloader is not dependent on winterboard. It seems to run fine without it. I am also running zephyr without issues…

    • Yes, that’s the change I just made. 🙂

  • I installed this tweak and the hide dock feature is the only thing that’s working. How do I pull up the list?