AndroidLoader Helps You View All Your iPhone Apps in One Place

We like to give Android a hard time here at iDB, but we can also recognize when the platform offers features that the iPhone is still missing. It was only last week that I thought to myself it would be nice to have some kind of Android-like feature that would allow me to view all my applications in one place, without having to flick through several pages of apps.

It seems that iOS jailbreak developer Surenix heard me as he created AndroidLoader, an app that seems to do exactly what I was wishing for. Or does it?

After installing AndroidLoader from Cydia, you will have a new button in your iPhone dock. Simply slide this button up a folder-style list of all your applications will show up. From there, you can scroll up and down to find the app you’re looking for. Not sure how it works? Check out the video below.

AndroidLoader looks great but I can see a couple drawbacks to the app. First, I don’t like having this big button in my dock. I’d much rather be able to use an Activator gesture to launch AndroidLoader. Second, it seems the only way to sort applications is by alphabetical order, via the settings app. There needs to be a better way to sort apps.

AndroidLoader is not available in Cydia quite yet. It should be in the next few hours for $2.99. This price seems a little over what most of us would want to pay for such a tweak, but I know I’ll definitely give it a try. Will you?