Springtomize 2 — hands down the most robust tweak when it comes to customizing your iDevice — just received an update to add native iPad support yesterday.

That update reminded me of one of Springtomize 2’s extremely useful, but often overlooked features that helps out immensely with troubleshooting problems.

Like SBSettings, Springtomize 2 contains a “MobileSubstrate Addons” sections that allows you to disable tweaks without having to uninstall them. It’s sort of a hidden feature, but we’ll show you how to use it in this brief video walkthrough…

To use Springtomize 2’s MobileSubstrate Addons feature, you’ll need to open Springtomize’s settings, and go to More (at the very bottom) > MobileSubstrate Addons. Once there, you can disable each tweak installed on your device one-by-one. After disabling a tweak, you need to respring before the changes take effect.

This is extremely useful for figuring out if a specific tweak is causing a conflict with another, crashing, etc. What’s really nice is that you can access this even if you’re in safe mode. This way you don’t have to take extreme measures and outright uninstall a tweak when you suspect it’s the problem child.

If you have SBSettings, it too does something similar; although I prefer Springtomize 2 in this area because it doesn’t force you to respring immediately after exiting the app.

Do you utilize this method of troubleshooting, or have you found another means to be effective? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Very nice if one could install the bloody thing!
    When i dl and install it keeps going to safe safe mode.. i have uninstalled every tweak but cannot install it… give me my money back 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I use DylibDisabler

  • Anonymous

    Installation causes safe mode on my iPad2. Even the latest version. I have properly paid for the app, and have no cracked apps on my iPad2. I am waiting to hear from the app developer.

  • Anonymous

    This feature has saved me quite a few headaches.lol. Much better then SBSettings.

  • Hatyrei

    I have some issues with my iPhone 4S everytime i respring it the screen go fuzzy before the lock-screen appears,…

    • me too! 🙁

    • It’s normal. Not just the 4S, it’s been happening since iOS 5.

    • It’s normal. Not just the 4S, it’s been happening since iOS 5.

  • Also one may want to check out the setting files. After each install of a given tweak, a setting .plist file still remains, even if you uninstalled the tweak in cydia.
    In springtomize you can delete those unwanted leftovers and keep your device tidier!

  • Anonymous

    this is good to know. been trying to figure out why my 4S always reboots into safe mode. not that its a big deal, but its kind of annoying

  • Rob

    Jeff , can you help ?

    I uninitalled Gridlock and iconoclasm , but they are both still showing up in Springtomize addons list .
    They are both uninstalled from my cydia ! how to fix this ?

  • Thank you for this tip! I’ve been trying to figure out why my folders are not showing up in iTunes and this helped me find the culprit – Infinidock. By the way, your videos are the best!