If you use the iPod app on your iOS device as much as I do, then you’re going to love the new jailbreak tweak: MusicBanners. The tweak, made by popular developer Ryan Petrich, brings your music to iOS 5’s notification system.

So what does it do? Essentially, MusicBanners sends you a notification every time a new track comes up on your iPod app. This means that you receive a notification with the track’s name, album and cover art after every song change…

As usual, Petrich’s tweak works flawlessly — both banners and notifications look and act like native iOS elements. And for those wondering, it doesn’t appear to be limited to the default iPod app. I can confirm that the tweak works with Pandora, and am assuming it works with other apps as well.

Even if you don’t think you’ll end up keeping it, MusicBanners is definitely worth a look. You can download the tweak from Cydia, in the BigBoss repo, for free.

What do you think of MusicBanners?


    • Anonymous

      Then you should know you’ve been having the “NowPlaying” tweak available in Cydia for 5 months now.

  • R Skse

    Yup, “NowPlaying” does exactly the same thing.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it was even reviewed by iDB, so I don’t know why they treat it like it’s new.

      • iamse7en

        They mention it in the video and explain why they think it’s more robust than NowListening.

      • Anonymous

        This is not what you said first. Have you been brainwashed?

    • i dont think nowlistening has as many features

  • This tweak would be amazing if it allowed shaking the device to skip tracks.

    • iamse7en

      You can do that with activator.

  • Anonymous

    guys,it’s called NowListening and a recent update allows you to swipe the banner to the right to go to the next track!

    • the artwork feature is pree cool but

    • Anonymous

      You can only do that when the banner is visible? Which is for about 3 seconds!
      I’m going back to Musicbanner, at least it appears into notifications (but not controls)

      • Anonymous

        correct. however, all you have to do is tap & hold the statusbar which brings up the banner again-then swipe right

        this has been the best way for me. which combined with the PandoraSkip hack = awesome!

  • more new cool tweaks please!^^

  • does this work with ipad 2? cant seems to get it to show on my notification =(

    • Anonymous

      Go to settings>notifications and put the tweak as ‘visible’

  • This works for MOG unlike the other being mentioned.

  • iamse7en

    I think I will uninstall this. I’ll stick with NowListening, because I see no way to edit the settings in MusicBanners. Who wants hundreds of notifications to clear after you listen to music all day long? Stupid.

    • Anonymous

      cant you just adjust your notification center settings so it doesnt appear?

    • It must not be working for you because it does not work like how you describe.
      NowListening is extremely slow and buggy.

  • NowListening is better in my opinion, it also works for Pandora and shows the picture of Pandora. You could also open the music controls by pressing and holding the banner. You could swipe across the banner to skip to next track. (:

  • This tweak is beautiful I love it.

  • After playing with it a little I found it is much better than Now Playing. When it adds the notification to notification center it doesn’t build up as songs keep playing, it just shows the most recent one which is nice. Also, once Ryan Petrich fixes the launching of the ipod app instead of the app it is playing from and this will be much better than Now Playing.

  • MusicBanners is better than iNowListening because MB show the album artwork and is more fast 🙂

  • Jonathan

    Metric ftw.

  • Anonymous

    Anybody know how to change the text colour in the banners? I want it to be white instead of black because I want to change the opacity of the bar image which is easy enough but with the text being black and my wallpaper being dark you can’t read the track info etc.