RIM’s new CEO Thorsten Heins may have inherited a sinking ship, but he seems determined to explore all avenues in his attempt to find an escape route for the ailing Canadian firm.

Having previously been very keen to keep its BlackBerry Messenger crown jewel as a key feature that is exclusive to its hardware, BlackBerry smartphones may not be the only ones to support it some time in the future. RIM’s new CEO outlined his company’s openness to such a move during an interview with CrackBerry.

If RIM was to license its SMS-like instant messaging system to third parties then it could stript the firm’s handsets of arguably their biggest feature…

Heins believes that the company should be open to the possibility of allowing third parties to use BBM, but he also clearly believes that while it is something RIM may consider in the future, the time is not quite right just yet.

“We’re constantly exploring our room to maneuver and our room to explore other businesses so I wouldn’t say categorically no to it,” Heins explained. “There is a time where this might make sense, and I have a team looking into this… I’m open for licensing if it makes sense.”

BBM was once a unique selling point for RIM, but with iMessage on iOS and various other BBM clones now available, and instant messaging apps prevalent on smartphones, it’s arguable that BBM does not carry the weight it once did.

The fact that RIM would even consider allowing BlackBerry Messenger onto non-BlackBerry handsets is something of a departure for the company, but with a marketshare falling, Heins knows the company needs to do something to survive.

Perhaps moving to being a services company rather than a hardware one is something they could end up looking at more closely.

  • I’d love to have it. It would be awesome on iOS.

  • Rim as a blackberry owner and iPhone, do it! It would be great for everyone

  • i hope to god that BBM becomes available on iOS

  • Yayyyy!!! This is a good news. I use Blackberry because its BBM feature. When it happens, i will say goodbye to Blackberry. I hope that BBM is coming to iOS. Heil iPhone.

    • Yeah… I heard that some people are buying BB just because BBM… But that phone costs about £400-500 (that new one with touch screen). Whats the point? Just because dad and sister and few friends have it…

  • Yayyyy!!! This is a good news. I use Blackberry because its BBM feature. When it happens, i will say goodbye to Blackberry. I hope that BBM is coming to iOS. Heil iPhone.

  • i wanted bbm so much
    that i bought a bb

    had it for a month
    i have had enough torture
    so I’m selling it

    my iPhone is a billion time better
    surely id pay a lot for that app

  • I think BBM is THE selling point for blackberrys nowadays.i can’t think of any other reason to really own one. From my past experience, the OS isnt really “user friendly”…but maybe that’s just me

  • Anonymous

    Who cares about a “free” BB to BB messenger app? With a plethora of alternatives out there ranging from iMessage to Textfree, Whatsapp, Viber and the like, what makes BBM any better? And no, not “everyone” is using a blackberry. Not when they have less than 5% of the smartphone market share. I say RIM deserves to die. Their innovation has been as poor as when Palm was on the scene. Yes they hit the scene first with their “smartphone” but they have failed to improve. Their OS is so un-user friendly that unless you depend on the secure business mail feature it is useless. Good riddance, beat it RIM

  • its really cool if the Rim AND APPLE sitting together to improve something have a heavy value on smartphone make , but i’m afraid of disadvantage of this maybe will cause one of company some lose on future on his income , however is really cool thing apple and rim create for us something d have bbm features and ios features on one phone

  • Anonymous

    Don’t get too excited! We saw this same piece of news last year, people. In my country, everybody seems to have one, but I guess it’s because the iPhone costs a fortune 😀

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I remember them posting the same thing last year too haha

  • I don’t see the appeal. Don’t get me wrong, iMessage is ok, but could i live without it, sure. It doesn’t really do anything different than a Text Message does. Great, So i know the message got to the other person, most of the time they do so i usually do not worry about it. I can tell when they are typing back. WOW!!! That is so important. I can wait or I will call the person if it is that important. Just never saw the big deal about BBM for BB so it definitely wouldn’t be a selling point for me or something that would keep me with them IF I owned one of their phones, which I never have.

  • Who cares…Whatsapp wins

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Is really worth it though? Whatsapp work in android and iOS do really blackberry is kind of late to be Ble to get a significant return by opening up their bbm services. I say concentrate in good looking hardwre, get rid of that keyboard from the 90’s and improve your software with killer apps.

  • I call them CrapBerries 😀

  • G

    RIM should’ve done this a year ago! There’s too many free alternatives like facebook messenger for me to care about BBM the way I would’ve then