Lorem is tweak that brings swipe to dismiss functionality to Notification Center.

It is the companion to Ipsum, a tweak that brings swipe to dismiss functionality to Lock Screen notifications.

Both are great ways to alternatively dismiss the notifications you receive, as you’ll see from our coverage inside…

The only issue I noticed with Lorem is that it conflicts with IntelliScreenX’s RSS feeds. It will allow you to swipe the RSS feeds, but dismissing doesn’t actually work.

This isn’t a huge issue, but for IntelliScreenX users it could be a mild annoyance.

I recommend both tweaks, as they feature better implementations of notification dismissal than the stock Apple methods.

What way do you prefer to dismiss your Notifications?

  • jose castro

    sweat, wonder when they will fix the intelliscreen x issue?

  • What is this SBSettings theme? 🙂

  • What is this SBSettings theme? 🙂

  • May I ask what is the theme of the SBSsetting in this video? Thanks!

    • I’m not using SBSettings. It’s IntelliScreenX

      • Agito Unumunkh

        will you giveaway intelliscreen x again,because my paypal can’t verify my visa card,i’m a mongolian, looks like U.S won’t let us use our card, so will you giveaway again

  • There are also issues with scrolling vertically. If you start the scroll on a notif, the notif will start moving side to side. I have it disabled until that issue is fixed.

  • are you using bitesms? the icon at the bottom of the notification centre doesn’t seem to have the messages icon (I don’t really like the icon and am looking for a way to get rid of it, but keep the message function there)

    • Anonymous

      you can remove the icon by changing the setting

  • Sbsettings theme is K2NC

    • Anonymous

      Thank you good guy Lopez.

    • It’s not. It’s not even sbsettings. Similar, but it’s not K2NC. I believe it’s the settings that come with intelliscreenX.

  • What’s the name of the tweak that puts the Airplane, Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G, etc, toggles on the NC? Is it compatible with iPad 1G on iOS 5.0.1?

    • Joseph Duffy

      Sbsettings, yes.

  • jose castro

    hey have u guys ever woundered why u cant use the intelliscreen x theme for sbsettings?

  • i thought this exactly way, but vertically, to close multitask apps, at the multitask bar…
    this could be very NICE! and very fast to close these apps!!! tap and hold, to close the apps, is very anoying

    • I think SwitcherMod does what you’re talking about. “Drag Up To Quit” is what you’re looking for.

  • Got it: thanks Jeff

  • What repo does this app belong to? I can’t seem to find it.

    • he says modmyi, i think i saw it yesterday. yeah.. its on modmyi just search lorem

  • iamse7en

    Installed it because it sounded promising, but had to uninstall when I noticed an annoyance: in order to scroll up and down through your notification center, you must not be touching any of the actual notifications, because they only slide left or right! That’s right, you have to carefully select headers or empty space to even scroll down/up through the notification center! I have very quick fingers and don’t have the time to deal with this annoyance. I’d rather have to click the annoying x and clear buttons to get rid of them.

    • Anonymous

      Ohh.. I just installed and know exactly what you mean. I’ll probably uninstall soon.
      Hopefully iDB will feature the update when the developers fix it, and it is easy to fix as far as I can tell. It’s a matter of making it responsive only to left/right movements.
      This was really promising though :/

  • Do anyone know what is the names of the tweaks Jeff has installed on the notification bar?

    • Anonymous

      intelliscreen X

  • Can I use it in lockscreen to swipe these annoying notifications away?

  • Adriano Matos


  • Idhanta Kakkar

    Does anyone know what should I do now? This is what my terminal shows when i try to ssh into my iPhone 4S!

    Last login: Sun Jan 29 03:07:22 on ttys000
    idhanta-kakkars-iMac:~ Idhanta$ ssh root@
    ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host