It’s been more than two weeks since the iOS 5.0.1 untether was released. Both the Dev Team and Chronic Dev Team released untether solutions using pod2g‘s handy work, but it doesn’t stop there.

Word has it that pod2g has been in contact with members of the Pwn Dev Team, the creators of the Ac1dsn0w jailbreak tool. And it looks like he has agreed to give them his exploit for their new software…

This tweet from imRel0ad, whose Twitter profile lists him as the vice leader of Pwn Dev Team, was sent out yesterday:

For those who aren’t familiar with it, Ac1dsn0w is a Mac-only jailbreak utility that surfaced late last year. Its initial release was extremely controversial due to its use of copyrighted code and libraries, but those issues were fixed in a later update.

For what it’s worth, there hasn’t been any kind of advantage to using Ac1dsn0w over the other more formidable jailbreak tools. And we don’t see any more reasons in store for this release either. It’ll more than likely still be for A4 devices only.

And given Ac1dsn0w’s sketchy past, it’s probably not something we’ll be recommending.

  • I keep thinking that there’s no point on releasing a tool that does EXACTLY the same as RedSn0w.

  • ..yet we’ll write an article about it anyway.


  • Sometimes i felt IDB team just finding anything to write to keep the flow of this blog.

    O well i still read it anyway

  • I’ll stick with the tools I know ..redsnow or GP…both from teams that have a good history of jailbreak tools…

  • Siv

    This has got to be the most misleading, pointless article by iDB ever.

    It isn’t mentioned anywhere in that tweet that Ac1dsn0w will feature the A5 jailbreak. It just says iOS 5 jailbreak.

    Anyone who calls himself the “Vice-Leader” of a jailbreak team is really just an 8 year old kid looking for fame. Ac1dsn0w is a blatant copy of redsn0w by a bunch of wannabe hackers.

  • Anonymous

    i think its bs anyways because this tool only works for mac come on

  • iDB seems like they’re losing it? First of all you keep posting the same article but in different words. Second, the dev’s tweet is 2 days old. AND AFTER his tweet pod2g said He would give his exploits to ANYONE…. Please don’t publish things just to generate traffic.

    • Well pod2g is losing it aswell if he thinks that sim unlock is a form of piracy.!
      from his blog: “Note that I’m against every form of piracy: sim unlock, installous, xsellize, etc.”

      • Anonymous

        By that sentence, he is also indirectly affecting piracy because no one knows where to get pirated stuff but after they saw his post, they know where to get it.

      • How is sim unlock a form of piracy?

      • no idea. ask pod2g as apparently he knows best.

      • I guess piracy is a stretch, but it is an illegal act. Not saying I’m for two year tied in contracts, but these devs need to keep things clean to be able to do what they do for us. Makes me wonder how much quicker an illegal jailbreak would’ve taken.

  • Anonymous

    I’m trying to figure out if a single person who has posted a comment knows the slightest bit about what they are talking about. I’m quite certain the answer is no, and this includes the writer of this article. None of you people must have written a line of code in your lives to toss out comments like these. Since when does the jailbreak community suppress and or discourage anyone from creating ANYTHING, much less another tool. If one person here believes hacking and or creating these tools ( which they do and distribute for free, I might add ) is about anything other than supporting a community, you are mistaken. We, and I mean the true Jailbreakers/Community Members and Developers know this is NOT how we want to be represented; this is not the attitude that reflects the majority; this is NOT how we feel about anyone who wants to write code, learn code, or contribute to our effort. I encourage anyone tempted to feed into this nonsense: Please don’t make yourself look as stupid as these people. If you must succum to this tabloid journalism don’t do it on the platform of the jailbreak community: We don’t want any.

    • You are over reacting. We don’t have anything against hackers, programmers, coders, whatever. We are always happy to see the jailbreak community expand. However, we feel like we can’t recommend a tool like ac1dsn0w at the time. This is how we feel. We’re not saying the developers of ac1dsn0w should be put to jail forever. We’re just saying that we don’t feel comfortable endorsing this tool at this time. This might change in the future as the tool is improved on.

  • iDB is losing it. This is terrible. Slow news day, huh? I’m never gonna read this blog again. I hate you. Misleading. Pointless.

    • Seb …don’t lose heart just because of one comment..I need this site for all my idevice info and I don’t use any other site because …well there shit…and I don’t think i’am alone when i say that…
      Yes some days are a bit (sorry) slow (sorry) , but that’s not your fault post the news not make it…

      • Don’t worry, I am not losing anything. I was just being a bit sarcastic 🙂

        Like you said, we’re not making the news, we just report on it and try to give our opinion at the same time.

      • Siv

        Jeez do you want to suck up anymore?