Although the latest polls still show Android has a larger smartphone marketshare than iOS handsets, the iPhone still seems to have a major lead in the more important category: customer satisfaction.

You can talk all you want about marketshare, but it’s the customers who determine a platform’s future. And according to the latest survey from ChangeWave, iPhone owners are by far the most satisfied…

The marketing research firm recently polled over 4,000 smartphone users in North America to find out what they thought about their current handsets. And the results are very much in line with previous surveys.

The iPhone, as you’ve probably already guessed, came out on top with 75% of users admitting they were very satisfied with the device. Both Samsung and HTC garnered 45% customer satisfaction, and RIM scored last with just 22%.

This isn’t the first time that Apple’s handset has come out on top of a customer satisfaction survey by such a wide margin. It seems like the company’s focus on details and user experience is really paying off.

[The Loop]

  • airbreak

    The amount of sales for the iPhone and the insanely high satisfaction rate compared to others proves it’s still the best even though some android phones complement things Apple left out.

    • I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s the best, but it definitly apealing to the majority of people. And your last sentence was definitly spot on.
      It’s rediculous to compare features of an iPhone with that of the total assortiment of Android. In the end it’s all about the user experience.

      • That’s actually not true about user experience being the most important thing. Like the article says, customer satisfaction is the most important thing and it is the first thin you learn in any business or personal selling class in college. It doesn’t matter what your product is if the customers aren’t happy. You could have a much better product spec wise but if the customers aren’t happy for whatever reason, who the hell is going to continue to buy it. People buy iPhones because of word of mouth reccomendations from happy customers. I know that’s why I bought mine.

  • I agree that apple have really put a lot of effort in keeping the customers sastified. Just to point out with one experience I had was my Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini (Android). I was extremely unsastified with the phone and their customer service. I had to visit their service centre almost every month. It annoys. After I got my 4S, I have never gone to the service centre. btw (out of topic) anyone know what the S after Galaxy stands for?

  • Anonymous

    I have an Xperia Ray and an iPhone 4 and neither have had any problems, like the previous user said, it’s all about experience and what you want from the device, I hate all this Apple is better than Android bullshit. I’m an unbiased Apple product owner but the fact is that Apple make the best products as far as materials, aesthetics etc but Android as an OS is equally as good as iOS, where 1 excels, the other may not and vice versa .. I’m just glad there is competition because no matter how much Apple lovers rave about their products, if they had no choice but to buy Apple because they had killed off every other competitor and they increased the price drastically because of lack of competition, i’m sure they wouldn’t be happy then .. I buy what suits me best, not what others say is the best.

  • Anonymous

    nuff said

  • Anonymous

    nuff said

  • iPhone almost never crash, if you don’t jailbreak it and install loads of tweaks.

    Is the author of this article Cody the blackprince 310 in YouTube?

    • No sir. Jeff handles our YouTube account and does the videos. You can find me Twitter though, @melvco. That’s me.

    • Anonymous

      No sir, I’m actually not on YouTube. Jeff handles all of our videos here at iDB. But I am on Twitter — @melvco if you ever need anything.

      Thanks for reading!

  • yup true…i am using iphone 4 for the past one year never crash except this little wifi problem after updating to ios5…i bought iphone after using almost 30 mobiles in last 2 years using every! every company and every single os except Meego…and yes i bought mobiles too after iphone but never found this much satisfaction…i’m lovin it :)..