If you’re looking to supercharge your iPhone’s Mobile Safari browser, then look no further than Cydia. There, jailbreakers will find a plethora of tweaks to add certain features to Apple’s bare bones web browser.

In fact, there are so many tweaks available on Cydia that it’s easy to get lost if you’re relatively new to jailbreaking, or even if you’ve been going at it for a long time.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of six of our favorite jailbreak tweaks to get the most out of Mobile Safari…

FullScreen for Safari – $2.19
This tweak allows you to enable full screen mode in Safari, along with OS X Lion like gestures for navigation. FullScreen for Safari is an extremely well thought out tweak, especially for those who lament over the iPhone’s 3.5″ screen. Learn more…

Gridtab for Safari – $1.50
If Apple’s tabbed browsing interface infuriates you, don’t worry; you’re not alone. GridTab for Safari places your tabs in more legible grids for easy identification. Learn more…

Tab+ – Free
This tweak lends you the ability to open more than 8 tabs at once. We’re not sure what the limit is, but we’re guessing you can keep going until your device runs out of memory.

Home Page in Safari – $0.99
The premise here is simple, you can set a Home page in Safari. Why this still isn’t featured in iOS is anyone’s guess. Learn more…

Safari Unibar – Free
A very interesting tweak that allows you to have a Google Chrome styled OmniBar to perform both searches and direct URL browsing using only one bar. The dedicated search bar is no more with Safari UniBar. To that we say good riddance. Learn more…

Reset Safari – Free
The easiest way to kill all Safari activity. Clears history, cache, and closes all tabs. Perfect for resetting Safari when it inevitably starts running slow. Check out the video below for a more in-depth demonstration.

I know some of you may be outraged that I didn’t include Safari Download Manager. That’s an excellent tweak, that shouldn’t be overlooked. Ultimately, it doesn’t work in iOS 5, so I omitted it. Once it’s working in iOS 5, I highly recommend checking out Safari Download Manager if you want to make Safari act more like a desktop web browser.

What do you think about this list? Is there anything obvious that I missed? Let us know in the comments!

  • safari dl plugin can be a substitute for Safari Download Manager until it gets upgraded. Not the same, but still allows downloading

    • Second that. It also works in third-party browsers (Atomic, etc) and doesn’t need a respring after installing, do I think it’s worth being on the list till SDM is updated.


  • Took the plunge and upgraded my IP4 to 4S today and am already missing Sprintomize and InteliscreenX. The wife now has my 4 and she made me put it back to stock. How dull!!!!

  • I so much need reset safari back..I miss it so much..one by one kill each page …aarrrggghhh…driving me mad..

  • I believe “No bookmarks” is worth mentioning about. It stops this annoying bookmarks tab from coming up every time, but be careful, it says that it is not upgraded for ios5, despite that it works absolutely fine and without any problem 🙂

  • WhAt is the name of the sbsettings theme being used in the video?

  • Safari upload manager!

  • Anonymous

    safari upload enabler!

  • Whats the repo for these?

    • They’re all in the default Cydia repos. Meaning you don’t need to add anything for these.

  • Tab+ needs an update on iPad.

  • safariunibar support ios 5?

  • Anonymous

    How is sleipnizer not on this list? I would put that at number 1. Gesture based browsing trumps those other tweaks.

  • How about – “Pull down to refresh – Safari” … Available for mail app also.

    • I think that it’s just fun tweak, because the refresh button is 3mm next to it, so it’s not so useful.

  • Anonymous

    anyone know of a ‘Reset Safari’ alternative?

    i do not use SBSettings and have no plans on using SBSettings

  • Hey Jeff what about EasyFindOnPage?

  • perfect!!!

  • I’d love to have a share link via SMS option. Is that already available? Thanks.

    • BCS

      I don’t know of a specific tweak, but you might be happy with the following method which would make the process much faster:

      1. Highlight and copy the link
      2. Perform a special ‘gesture’ which will minimize Safari and open a blank SMS message.
      3. Paste

      For this you will need the following cydia tweaks:

      -Fast Copy
      Removes the agonising delay between highlighting text, and getting the ‘copy/paste’ popup.

      Pick a gesture to be activated only when in application- for example; 3 finger swipe down – to open your SMS app

      To prevent Safari from minimizing:
      Depending on your SMS app, (BiteSMS for example), you might be Activate something like ‘Quick Reply’, which won’t minimize Safari, but will open a dialogue box style SMS window in which to paste and send your link.

      Does this help? 🙂