GridTab for Safari Improves the Tab Experience in Mobile Safari

We’ve covered it in the past, but GridTab for Safari was recently updated with iOS 5 compatibility, so we thought it was a great time to bring you a video walkthrough of this exceptional tweak.

The purpose of GridTab is simple — to improve the tabbed browsing experience in Mobile Safari. Does it achieve its goal in doing so? Check inside for the answer…


GridTab for Safari greatly improves the multi-browser window experience in Mobile Safari, in fact, I’m sad that Apple hasn’t already adopted a similar style for the stock Safari browser.

The grid layout adopted by GridTab for Safari makes it much easier to see what you have open when compared to the “cover flow” style that Apple uses by default.

If you want a better tabbed browsing experience, and your iDevice is jailbroken, you can head over to Cydia and download GridTab for Safari for $1.50. It’s recently been updated for iOS 5 compatibility, so you shouldn’t experience any issues getting it to work on your device.

Let me know what you think about it in the comment section below.