Santa can’t touch Apple. According to several industry analysts, Apple is expected to sell 30 million iPhones by the end of December.

Carriers like AT&T are also expected to see record-breaking smartphone sales this holiday season mainly due to continued consumer demand for the iPhone 4S.


In the first group is Ticonderoga’s Brian White, who expects Apple to sell 29.9 million iPhones in the December quarter, a quarter-over-quarter increase of 84 percent. With him, BTIG Research’s Walter Piecyk, who says AT&T’s good news suggests Apple will sell 30 million iPhones in the quarter, just as he predicted in August.

In the second group: Stern Agee’s Shaw Wu and UBS’s Maynard Um. Wu raised his forecast for iPhone sales this quarter to 28 million, up from 26 million. Um went him two million better, raising his estimate to 30 million from 28 million, though he concedes even that might end up being a little light, thanks to high demand in the Asia Pacific region.

These numbers would be new records for Apple, yet the mentioned analysts call their estimations “conservative.” Apple CEO Tim Cook said during the company’s last earnings call that he expected an “all-time record in the December quarter for iPhone sales.” Looks like he was right.

  • I know for a fact that they would sell a lot more 4S’s if they distributed more stock to stores like Best Buy. Not a single store around me has any in stock save for a few 64 GB models. I like buying my stuff from Best Buy because of their 18-month no interest deals when you use their credit cards but haven’t been able to get one for the past 2 weeks. Really starting to frustrate me.

    • Jon Garrett

      they sell a lot more 8GB and 16GB models than the 64’s so they’ll always have 64s in stock.

      because you’re using your best buy card, I’m assuming you’re going to be paying full price and not the upgrade price? If so and you have 18 months to pay for it with no interest, why not just go for broke?

      • They actually don’t make 8GB models for the 4S. And yeah, I realize people want to 16’s more than the 64’s (in most cases). Just think they should know this and send more 16GB versions.

        And no, I will not be paying full price. I am due for an upgrade and Best Buy upgrades your contract for you. Same as if I walked into the Verizon store. 199.99 for a 2 year renewal.

      • Jon Garrett

        ah, I see. so you’re spreading out the $200 on your best buy card instead of $200 in cash with AT&T? that makes damn good sense, I’ll definitely do that on my next upgrade.

      • Yes. Considering there is no interest. This is how I buy most of my technology.

      • Jon Garrett

        wow, learn something new everyday. thanks for sharing such useful tip on saving some money. 🙂