Last week, Samsung started airing its latest TV ad which not-so-subtly poked fun at iPhone users. The commercial showed a group of young adults, waiting in what appeared to be a line for the new iPhone, drooling over a Galaxy S II handset.

A lot of folks dismissed the advert as bad marketing, as you typically don’t want to criticize the audience you are trying to attract. But judging by its Facebook page, it seems the commercial was only the beginning of Samsung’s anti-Apple campaign…

The Korean company posted the above “old school” image on its official US Facebook page, suggesting that the iPhone 4S is far behind the times. Apple was criticized last month when it unveiled its new handset without newer technology like LTE.

To be fair, the iPhone 4S supports AT&T’s HSPA+ network, as does the carrier’s version of the Samsung’s Galaxy S II. All of the other features line up pretty evenly as well, from the dual core processors, to the 8MP cameras. So the 1980’s cell phone is a bit of a stretch.

The company seems to be committed to the campaign though, and it appears to be generating a fair amount of a buzz, so it could be working. But as aforementioned, bashing the competition isn’t the best way to convert users. It tends to cause people to defend their choice of product, rather than be interested in yours.

What do you think of the “old school” ad?


  • u mad, samsung? i know i’d be if i got caught copying just about everything then having it all exposed everywhere.

  • just to let you know, the galaxy s2 skyrocket is one off the two first phones to support att’s LTE network.

    • and the Galaxy S II on Sprint has Wi-Max

      • And? how many telco supports those function? Heres my suggestion to “Annoying Samsung”, rather than posting advertisement at my newspaper like “The Annoying Orange”, go make some promotion sales or something rather than making negative ads.

  • Jesus Badia Closa

    They are just embarrassing themselves. I mean, you can defend your product, that’s completely legit, but doing that type of ads and campaigns… That’s not what I would like my company to be about. Talk about good features, even point out that the iPhone does not have “that” particular thing that your phone does. But making it so obvious just make a lot of us angry, even though it is not difficult to defend ourselves against all the Android Fanboys out there.

    • Good point, but then again, what if you where a android fan boy and not apple. Your comment would be the same, but favoring android instead. Its easy for anyone to defend what they own, it makes you feel better about the things you own. Everyone does it.

      • Jesus Badia Closa

        I agree that’s what most people do, but it doesn’t make it right. And I’m not saying that they shouldn’t defend their favorite smartphone, of course they can! What I don’t like about it is the way they have chosen to do it: to disrespect other products and, especially, Apple’s.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Samsung. They should be taking to court AGAIN. They should really stop this nonsense. This starts to get annoying.

  • Anonymous

    They are just bringing negativity into the world. They WANT war. Why? Even IF they had better hardware in their phones, NO other phone can beat Apples iOS, and NO other phone can beat the App Store which comes with allot of support. Android does not have the support iOS has. I always went from phone to phone. But I will ALWAYS stick with iPhone. Its just the best. Samsung is jelly and actually think they can beat Apple.

  • Thomas Gehman

    Notice they used an iPhone 4. Not a iPhone 4S. 😛

    • Anonymous

      How can u tell that’s a 4 and not a 4S?

      • Placement of breaks in steel frame.

      • Anonymous

        you can see it at the top, not only a sensor is missing but also the location of the antenna cut-in at the edge.

  • Anonymous

    My Samsung TV’s…really nice. My Samsung DVD/BluRay players….pretty much just CHEAP JUNK with issues left and right.
    My MacBook Pro, 3 iPads, iPhone 3GS, two 4’s and a 4S, 2 Classic iPods and 2 nano’s….PERFECT pieces of technology with ZERO problems!
    Will I ever downgrade my high quality Apple devices for lower quality, plastic copycats….umm…probably a big NEGATIVE on that. This cheezy kind of advertising only makes me that much happier with my Apple products, and that much more skeptical of Samsung. Just my person take on it.

  • So glad you went back to the old login in, I couldn’t post a thing…

  • Anonymous

    If you closely look at the “old school” it is not an iPhone 4S that shows on the pict, but an iPhone 4! The iPhone 4S has an extra sensor at the upper site.

    • Thomas Gehman

      That’s exactly what I said. 😛

  • Great marketing strategy IMO, tons of Apple fanboys on this site lol

    • Yeah, did you see the logo of the site? What did you expect?

      • I own an iPhone, doesnt mean you need to hate all of the competition just because you think you’re somehow better than them…. Competition is a good thing, without it the iPhone wouldn’t be anywhere near as refined as it is now.

        Apple uses this EXACT same marketing strategy to promote their products, but when one of their competitors uses it, Apple fanboys cry and moan. It’s actually pretty funny!

      • Understood, except we’re not hating on anyone. Please show me anywhere in this post where we’re “hating” on the competition.

      • I never accused the author of the post of “hating” on the competition. My original comment was referring to the readers of this site, not the article or author of the article.

  • theyre just adding more reason for people to jump onto the iphone bandwagon 😉

  • I’m completely pro-apple, but I mean, apple did the exact same thing with their “I’m a Mac” ads. Only time will tell if its actually effective.

  • Nicollas Rychard

    Estava bom era da samsung baixar a bola dela porque ela esta sendo processada por plágio do mesmo

  • Ditto Ardiaputra

    not good enough samsung!

  • Why did they put the old phones on the wrong side iDB?… Why? 🙁

  • Kok Hean

    A smartphone is a device that combines a cell phone with a hand-held computer, typically offering Internet access, data storage, e-mail capability etc.

  • fuck i hate samsung so much now, they are rat as! fckn worse than lawsuits, which I think they can’t beat the lawsuits, so they start making these filthy ads. tsk tsk tsk.

  • Samsung commercials have no class at all by criticizing competitors products. Doesn’t make me want to buy smartphones at all…

  • Th iPhone still looks gorgeous!
    They just put the iphone with some cans, a telephone and a dusty old background in it.
    If we switch the devices together and their background the galaxy s2 would like it came out of a garbage can!

  • Spot the Isheep game here if it was an Apple ad you guy would be creaming you pants.

    • Guaranteed if this was a mixed blog, we’d easily spot the fandroids as they have a tendency of having horrible grammar, punctuation, and spelling, such as you.


  • it’s funny that they use the line “stop waiting” on their facebook profile photo. yeah switch to samsung cause nobody’s queuing for that product.

  • Samsung, where’s your Siri?
    Oh wait, don’t have anything similar… so shut the fuck up.

    • if you want a smart-phone, is apple expensive unlike samsung. So, buy samsung galaxy s2 instead iphone 4s.

  • J

    fuck samsung

  • Ceddyv

    Well done Apple, you product is awesome, masterly crafted and it work so well even the old apple phones work better then a Samsings piece of plastic.Play nice Samsings a nasty tune, but I’m glad that Samsings is around so that all the cool kids can buy there plastic. imagine we all had iphones ?