Apple’s iPhone 4S just keeps on rocking. After garnering stellar sales worldwide and being met with great reviews, a new survey suggests that the people who spend their own money on an iPhone 4S are also pretty happy.

The survey, conducted by ChangeWave, took in the views of 215 iPhone 4S owners between November 2nd and 9th, with 96% of those questioned saying that they were satisfied with their new smartphone.

The news gets better, with 77% of those surveyed saying that they are “very satisfied” with the iPhone 4S. When combined with the 19% who were simply “somewhat satisfied,” they make the iPhone 4S the most loved iPhone ever…

By comparison, the iPhone 4 found itself to be slightly less satisfactory, with 72% of owners “very satisfied” and 21% “somewhat satisfied” with the handset. The increase, whilst not massive, will still be a welcome statistic at Apple HQ.

Another stat that jumped out at us is the staggering 38% of people who thought the iPhone 4S battery life was too short. With Apple releasing various iOS updates in an attempt to rectify the issue, which has been the topic of great discussion, it is interesting to see that the percentage of sufferers is so high.

When asked about their favorite iPhone 4S feature, guess what came out first? Siri, of course, with 49% of people surveyed saying that Siri is what they like best about the iPhone 4S.

We would have liked to have the survey take in more participants than the 215 people questioned in order to get a more accurate picture of what is going on in the minds of iPhone 4S owners, but the numbers make interesting reading regardless.

Reasons given for the high levels of satisfactions include the new 8 megapixel camera, Siri, and the new iPhone’s overall ease of use. We can’t really argue with any of those points!

Are you “very satisfied” with your iPhone 4S?


  • Anonymous

    Everything is fine except battery life. Infinity blade 2’s graphic visuals is stunningly amazing and gorgeous except that it drains the life out of my freaking battery. My battery percentage dropped from 97% to 64% in just an hour with no background apps running. Luckily, i have my ipad 2 🙂

  • We all know about it, we all in love with our iPhone….but c’mon….only 215 people?!?!…
    next news please…

  • Anonymous

    Not sure what all the excitement is about. I must admit that I’m one of those people who paid full price for the 4S, after looking back, not sure why I paid $1000 for. It is better than my iPhone 4 but I don’t know if it’s was worth forking out the $ for it. In retrospect I wish I hadn’t but oh well. Also I thought Siri was cool at first but I haven’t found myself using the service after the first couple of days. Wasn’t revolutionary, exciting, or mind-blowing. My suggestion to those of you on the ladder, Wait for the iPhone 5.

  • Jim B

    I hate my 4S, dropped callas, failed calls, failed SMS, battery sucks, no 3G toggle, no service, gets very hot at times, hmmm what else.. it sucks

  • IPhone 4S is good, not great, My 4S battery sucks!!! I hate it!

  • Anonymous

    I will be very satisfied with my 4s when the jailbreak comes out. Right now stock iOS is boring. This is the first time I’ve been with out a jailbreak in at least 2 years

  • No way! The newest and most powerful iPhone is the most popular, that can’t be.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure if believe iDB’s facts anymore. In this case, they don’t seem convincing anyway.