iOS 5.0.1 Not Helping Improve Battery Life

When Apple dropped iOS 5.0.1 yesterday, the hope amongst many was that it may help to fix the battery issue that was introduced with iOS 5.0.

It is becoming apparent that iOS 5.0.1 may not have actually fixed the battery bug we told you about before, with our own location-based fix still appearing to be the best way of┬ásaving precious battery life…

Various reports suggest that the update to iOS 5.0.1 hasn’t fixed battery problems at all, though it is admittedly still very early to tell. During our testing of the two betas that Apple released, we found that we still needed to disable certain location services in order to get a day’s worth of use out of our iPhones.

There is one silver lining to this cloud: Apple’s delta (OTA) updates got their first public outing yesterday, and it would seem that they worked surprisingly well, with few reports of any real issues.

At least that’s one piece of good news for the iOS Team in Cupertino!

How has your iPhone’s battery life been since updating to iOS 5.0.1? We’ve heard reports of people who did not previously have any problems before unfortunately gaining some issues after the update.

Also, jailbreakers have been warned to not update to iOS 5.0.1, so keep that in mind.