iOS 5.1 Disables Home Screen Settings Shortcuts

By , Nov 29, 2011

Earlier this month, we showed you how to create home screen shortcuts for Settings toggles without jailbreaking. The method has become quite popular over the last few weeks, catching the attention of UI designers like Jeff Broderick.

Given that there’s no untethered jailbreak for iOS 5, and no jailbreak for the new iPhone 4S at all, a lot of folks have started using these shortcuts as a temporary replacement for SBSettings. And if you’re one of those users, you may not want to update to iOS 5.1…

Although Apple just released iOS 5.1 Beta yesterday, tons of information has surfaced about the software. Last night we told you about a number of new Apple products that are referenced in the update, and now we’ve found out some more interesting news.

Reports are coming in that the new beta disables the popular home screen Settings shortcuts, and sadly, we’ve been able to confirm this. It appears that Apple has taken away the ability to reach iOS Settings by URL, giving users the error seen above.

Of course, none of this would matter if Apple would just build shortcuts for Settings toggles into iOS. You’d think that between these home-grown shortcuts and jailbreak apps like SBSettings, Apple would figure out that users really want them.


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  • Anonymous

    That SUCKS

  • Rodrigo

    Apple, as usual, f… its customers…

  • Burge

    What a surprise…just when the users of idevices find something new and worth having and with out a jailbreak in sight (i4s)..Bug brother Apple say NO…your not having that it’s to good for you …plus we didn’t think of it …

  • Justin Parker


  • Anonymous

    maybe they’ve disabled it because they are working on their own shortcuts? but in the meantime, they want us to SUFFER! i love intelliscreen x’s shortcuts, just pull down the notifications curtain and BAM! like Emerald. All up in ya face! Ok… i don’t know what that was all about.

  • Jerry PowerHouse

    lol they just love to disappoint us

  • Anonymous

    Wtf apple. You see we want this so you take it away??? I don’t get it

  • Anonymous

    Everyday, Apple is tightening the rope around jailbreakers and those who wants to be outside the iOS parameters; and not very far into the future, Apple is going leave these people without any air to breath. Apple is winning comfortably the cat and mouse race and soon there is going to be only a winner and no race at all. If you think that I am being too pessimistic, just look at the situation of the iOS 5 jailbreak after two months. Maybe we’ll see some light at the end of the tunnel, by January 2012 with luck. By then Apple would have released at least two new updates.

  • David Morones

    Sooo in other words i bought that stupid app for nothing!!!!?

  • Donovan Wynter

    cant do anything to please them WANKERS over at the fruit headquarters JAILBREAK they say NO try to work around the jailbreak they still say NO we are to sit and wait for them to pull their feet through the mud and come up with another iOS update which is holding very little or nuthing of any form of importance……LMFAO

  • Anonymous

    Soooo… your saying I won’t be updating to 5.1 then?

    p.s. Fuck You Apple

  • Max Jarrett

    I reason they have taken away this privilege because their going to do it themselves, hopefully in notification centre. I say get with the times Apple, SBSettings have done it for years…EVEN ANDROID!

  • Max Jarrett

    I reason they have taken away this privilege because their going to do it themselves, hopefully in notification centre. I say get with the times Apple, SBSettings have done it for years…EVEN ANDROID!

  • Stephanie Assouline

    such losers apple. why?!

  • Anonymous

    With apple making the 4s unjailbreakable and now taking this away. I’m thinking I’m going to jump to android or windows when my contract is up. I might even just sell it and pay the etf when the nexus comes to AT&T

    • Jon Garrett

      I don’t think the Nexus is coming to AT&T. I may be mistaken but the Nexus is the reason why Verizon didn’t get the GS2 while the other 3 carriers did.

    • Anonymous

      You can buy unlocked Nexus, doubt it will come to AT&T any other way. Windows phone has no shortcuts but the settings tile can be pined to the tile screen.

  • Anonymous

    When 6.0 is demoed they’ll offer some version of this and pass it off as a new feature.

  • Hunter Forbus

    I have my 4S registered as a developer device. If I were to update to this version could I revert?

    • Leo Tong

      I believe u can using the restore function but I only read this somewhere. Also the new version has an expiry date so u will need to restore and revert back anyway past this date.

    • John Horton

      Previous posts have said that you can’t role back. I think it’s actually in the text on the download page. I definitely recall reading it.

    • Nick Velloff

      Until the software is officially released and Apple stops signing the currently released 5.0.1 you can roll back

  • Jobran

    my iphone is jailbroken and have been using sbsettings for ages which is much better than shortcuts to settings app.
    but this is my last iphone.. android is the future. stupid APPLE

  • John Horton

    BALLZ!!!! Keep pushing me away Apple!!! But gimme my $1 back first!

    • Yerachmiel Paquette

      I fail to see how a third-party developer– who, by the way, has just been screwed over by Apple twenty thousand times more than you have–owes you any money for selling you an app that worked as advertised until circumstances beyond their control changed that.
      Should they make it clear in the app’s description that this no longer works? Yes. Should they give you back your dollar? No.
      I’m not mad at you, I’m mad at Apple for doing this to the devs who have made their platform what it is.


      • John Horton

        Errrr, back the truck up! I actually think Apple should give me my buck back… As futile as that request is of course, but I don’t intend to screw the dev. Apple created the situation through their approval / block process. But I digress, as we will likely not know anything as fact until after Beta.

  • Scott Opper

    Such a Jobs move.

  • Matt Summers

    I bet the resin they did this is because it’s a security threat think about it if u can enter a URL and affect settings don’t u think that that’s a security flaw and yes u can revert back from 5.1 from a developer to the firmware apple is still signing once they are done signing it then no

  • Alex

    Damn, I bought the app for that exact purpose :( I think the reason behind is that all these “work arounds” could be a potential for exploit which to apple is considered a security loop hole which it wants to protect for the sake of integrity and it’s Brand’s secure reputation compared to android.

    Those who know about web programming will understand allowing such codes to be injected will leave the machine open to other types of potential code injection exploits.

    It’s sad they closed the hole. I hope they offer us an alternative to get to those settings. I’m still waiting for ip4S unthethered jailbreak!

  • Anonymous

    That’s BS!! They didn’t block making Speed dial icons through Safari forever, but this happens for 4S and the remove this Safari short cut, and there both pretty much the same thing. Wonder if they block that in this update too. That would suck. Tho I don’t even use safari short cuts any way. So it really doesn’t matter tonne any how. Still shi**y thing for Crapple to do tho.

  • Anonymous

    You guys would have a better chance of posting your “fuck you Apple” comments on there forums. I guarantee you are not being heard from people who matter.

  • Rodrigo

    Im stuck on 4.3.3 because of the JB…and Apple is pushing me to Android…well I must say that Apple is a terrible company and probabily will never buy an Apple product again.
    What Apple does just hurts his own costumers for nothing…it is unbelievable that is happening all the time and people still buy Apple stuff…One year with iphone I have learned my lesson. Never again until they change their “customers fucking policy”..which will never stop. Bye

  • Anonymous

    The doom is nigh for jailbreak.

    • Dan

      yeah I think I will go refund my iPad 2 while I still have the chance

  • Anonymous

    Sad state of affairs for iDevice fans everywhere…

  • Simon Wood

    In other news: life carried on

  • Zirkoniumi

    Why moan about the app which never even listed preferences as supported shotcuts? Its not the authors fault someone picked his app for the purpose. The prefs urlscheme is part of Apples private stuff and using them directly from app would have led to rejection from Appstore anyways. SMS, contacts etc were not private.

    Anyways it could be that the prefs thing is not totally removed but rather changed the scheme name (prefix) for other purposes.

  • Nico Brown

    How is it that it still works on imdb iPad app, on iOS 5.1? (when you start without network)

  • Hlung

    I pity those apps makers that put their effort to these kind of apps and just got took away by apple. I mean, some of them are really nice and useful.