While iOS 5 brought many new features that we had all been wanting, Wi-Fi syncing is probably one of the most desired features on the list. Using a white USB cable to sync an iDevice to iTunes is without a doubt one of the most irritating things of the pre-iOS 5 world.

But what if you are out and about and want to sync your iDevice, and you’ve done away with those syncing cables for good? Well, there is one way to sync your iDevice with a Mac that doesn’t require a cable or a Wi-Fi router. You can actually use your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot feature…

Assuming you have tethering added to your data plan, you’re iPhone will allow you to use it as a Wi-Fi base station via the Personal Hotspot option. Turning this on will allow up to five devices to use your iPhone as an internet connection, but it also means that all the attached devices can talk to each other.

With that in mind, it is possible to actually Wi-Fi sync any iDevice to with Mac or PC using an iPhone as a router.

It’s an interesting use of a feature that iPhone users perhaps take for granted, and one that could come in handy if you’re a road warrior with a Mac, an iPhone, and no sync cable.

Hats off to Gear Diary’s Mitchell Oke for thinking to actually try this method out!

  • Anonymous

    Can’t believe it took them this long to give me wifi sync, well it is apple, so yah I can believe it.

  • You could also just use your Mac to create an ad hoc network and sync that way.

  • Anonymous

    I have done this so many times. You can do it also to download big apps.

  • Nice!!

  • Chris

    I still don’t understand why I have to pay $20/mo (or whatever) to enable a software feature of my phone. I’d love to use that hotspot feature, but I can’t in my right mind PAY MONEY to use a connection that I ALREADY PAY FOR.

  • So when the iPhone and iTunes sync using personal hotspot does it use up the data?

    • jo-macral

      No, it will not use any data on your 3G plan. It will only use the iPhone’s WiFi to talk between devices during the sync.

  • I didn’t know it’s a paid feature? I always though it comes free with ios 4.3?

    • Adam D

      The functionality is included with iOS for free, but you need to pay to add tethering to your plan.


  • Anonymous

    Yea…. For $20 u get 2GB

  • Anonymous

    So wait… you are actually reporting that you can Wi-Fi Sync any device that connects to your iPhone as a mobile hotspot, but not the actual iPhone itself? Ummm Is it only me that sees the disconnect here?

  • I Used to always do this with home sharing

  • Is it possible that we can make our i-phone as a wifi device

  • We shouldn’t be paying for hot spot when we already paying unlimited data to some users or 2 gb data to others. Teathering should had been included to the data package.

  • So I used a friend’s iphone as a hotspot this past weekend to my macbook, and then I left. They are now getting all of my e-mails. How do I stop this?

  • So I used a friend’s iphone as a hotspot this past weekend to my macbook, and then I left. They are now getting all of my e-mails. How do I stop this?

  • Almenan

    I Ned to use my iPhone like modem so way can I do