Wi-Fi Sync

Use Your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot to Wi-Fi Sync Your iDevices On the Go

While iOS 5 brought many new features that we had all been wanting, Wi-Fi syncing is probably one of the most desired features on the list. Using a white USB cable to sync an iDevice to iTunes is without a doubt one of the most irritating things of the pre-iOS 5 world.

But what if you are out and about and want to sync your iDevice, and you've done away with those syncing cables for good? Well, there is one way to sync your iDevice with a Mac that doesn't require a cable or a Wi-Fi router. You can actually use your iPhone's Personal Hotspot feature...

iOS 5 Beta 4 Brings Wi-Fi Sync to Windows

Apple has brought Wi-Fi Sync functionality in iOS 5 Beta 4 to Windows users. iOS 5 Beta 2 turned Wi-Fi sync on for Mac users, and we posted a video walkthrough of how it worked.

In the newly-released Beta 4 version of iOS 5, Windows users can enjoy the same Wi-Fi Sync feature on their iDevices.

New in iOS 5: Wi-Fi Sync Demonstrated on Video [Tutorial]

Folks, are you excited? We surely are, because we just got our hands on iOS 5 beta 2, and we've been able to go hands on with Wi-Fi sync.

Let me tell you, it works gloriously. I know this is sort of an overused mantra, especially in the Apple space, but it just works.

Anyone who's familiar with the jailbreak implementations of wireless syncing will be right at home with Apple's iteration of Wi-Fi syncing, and unsurprisingly, it's even simpler with Apple at the helm.

Check inside for hands-on video coverage of iOS 5 beta 2's Wi-Fi syncing capabilities...

Wi-Fi Sync App Once Rejected by Apple is Now Part of iOS 5

When Apple announced its iOS software update at its WWDC keynote on Monday, one much-vaunted feature caught the eye of a university student in Birmingham, England. Greg Hughes apparently looked on in surprise as Apple announced iOS 5's PC-Free credentials including Wi-Fi iTunes syncing. Surprise came from the fact that Hughes had submitted an app to Apple's App Store that did the exact same thing, an app that was rejected by the Cupertino outfit.

Named 'Wi-Fi Sync', the app was originally rejected by Apple way back in May 2010 according to The Register, with Hughes even receiving a personal call from an Apple representative to commend him on his efforts.

Little did he know that Apple would later use the same name and even logo in iOS 5...