We’ve all encountered it. Some only a few times in their iOS owning lives, others (like me) virtually every week. Are you a User a Hacker or a Developer?

That’s not some question you filled out on an immigration form while headed to your favorite vacation spot, it’s the question you answer after you’ve jailbroken your iPhone and opened Cydia the first time.

Most of you probably select User and keep going without thinking about it, but what is this option really for?

As the video walkthrough explains, these options: User, Hacker, and Developer, are merely filters to hide or show specific packages. The user option is the most restrictive, yet at the same time the least confusing, followed by hacker and so-on.

Most of the time even a tweak reviewer like myself has no need to select anything besides user, but sometimes, the hacker or development filters can prove helpful.

For instance, one time I was trying to install a tweak, but for some reason the PreferenceLoader dependency was missing. I tried to search for the package, but couldn’t find it. About 10 minutes later it dawned on me that this particular package must be filtered out, so I headed over to the filter settings, and enabled hacker mode.

Have you ever wondered about this? Or do you hastily skip over them in order to gain access to your favorite jailbreak apps and tweaks?

  • “Hacker” is the most useful option. Command line tools are fun and can be used by anyone.

    • Agree. If I only I had more time to play around with all of it.

  • Anonymous

    “Hacker” is more than enough. I’ve had problems with “User” but with never with “Hacker.”

  • Hacker is how I roll!

  • Anonymous

    I use developer and filter on my own 🙂

  • Anonymous

    i like Hacker or Developer so i know exactly what needs to be removed if something goes wrong

  • Dan

    i’ve got user right now, might switch to hacker to see if it suits me

    • Mee Skyview

      how do you switch to hacker mode?

  • Gdghgfgjy Ggjffv

    Yeah, except I just keep it on Dev all the time so it doesn’t bother me.

  • same here, prefer hacker !!! never missed a tweek 🙂

  • I need help from all of u here about the cydia. Sorry for my question that not related here. In my Cydia> Manage> Storage> System, it reads 100% full. After i delete most of my cydia tweaks,my system storage only get 0.03% free. What do I need to do to free up space in my System storage section. I cant find any answer from google. Please Help! Thanks u so much!

    • Anonymous

      You dont need to delete anything. The only reason why it says it so full is because it was really really full before you ever put anything on the phone. That stuff is system requirments and you do not need to worry about it. I dont know how much of which but some of it is from Cydia, and some of it is stock from iOS. In order to decide what you need to delete so you have enough space ion you’re phone you need to refer to the bar in the summary tab in iTunes when your phone is plugged in. That is what you need to worry about. There is really nothing you can do about the storage of system files and dependencies.Except delete a bunch of tweaks, and themes. Please note that “THEMES” take up a shit load of space sometimes (when you tap install, dont you look at the download size? I always try to install the smallest files. If there is a tweak I find I like and want to install, I search for anything that does the same thing but with a smaller file size. Can check this by tapping “install” then just tap “cancel” if ya dont want to install it). If you have a bunch of themes installed than that is you’re culprit………………………….I promise:)

      • ok, thanks for your information. I will check it.

  • Anonymous

    when the jailbreak started getting buggy, like the initial iOS 5 JB, I started using “Developer” tab because I found i could make things work so much m ore smoothly when I want to install something, I try to install everything individually, like dependencies for certain tweaks, instead of just hitting install, and having the tweak and its dependencies install all at once. I found that I could get rid of a lot of little problems by installing one thing at a time.Especially in iOS 5. I always install “Mobile Substrate” first before anything by itself. Then I install “afc2ad”, and so on and so on. But I know installing
    ‘Monile Substrate” first off by itself ia when I noticed a big difference in how the jailbreak runs over all:)

    So I always choose “Developer” Even tho I am nothing close to one.lol

  • Mee Skyview

    If I have chosen “user” already, can i go back and change the setting?

    • Jjjjj

      Yes, go to manage and tap on settings at the upper left corner.

  • E-man

    Im on IOS 6.1 and I can’t find preferenceloader. but, when I try to install something like Barrel, it says it cant install because it depends on preferenceloader. Please help!

  • Reese Gartman

    Just Jailbroke My IPod Touch 4g For The first time ever.

  • Leighton

    Can you guys help me? My iPod doesn’t have a Manage section??? What do I do???

  • Thakur Lal Meena (Thakur)

    I like Developer