Apple has received a lot of criticism over the iPhone 4S since it was unveiled last month. After an additional 5 months of waiting for an announcement, a lot of folks were disappointed when the rumored iPhone 5 didn’t turn up at Apple’s event.

But that hasn’t seemed to affect sales of the device. More than 4 million iPhone 4S units were sold during opening weekend. US carriers sold out of their stock within 48 hours, and now, more than a month later, they still can’t seem to keep up with consumer demand…

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that US carriers are struggling to meet consumer demand for Apple’s latest handset. AT&T and Verizon subscribers are looking at a three week wait for the device, and Sprint 4S orders are taking at least two weeks to fulfill.

While supply problems are typical for Apple products after launch, operators say they’ve never seen anything like this:

“We are having some supply issues in the sense that demand’s huge,” AT&T’s president of emerging devices, Glenn Lurie, said Wednesday. “We have had just record-breaking sales on it.”

Verizon Wireless is experiencing similar demand:

“A spokeswoman for Verizon Wireless, Brenda Raney, said the carrier is working with Apple to increase its inventory of iPhone 4S models. “Not only was the iPhone 4S popular when it was introduced, but the popularity continues to build,” she said.”

With many outlets reporting at least a two week wait for the smartphone, you may not want to hold off much longer if you’re hoping to snag one before the holidays. Your best, and likely fastest, option is to reserve one at your local Apple Store. Apple generally gives its stores stock priority over its partners and other retailers.

  • Anonymous

    Now think of iPhone 5 sales…

  • I think this hype is super inflated because every time I go to the apple store they have plenty in stock I wonder if this is an urban or big city issue? In the burbs there is never a shortage always plenty to go around.

    • It’s really not inflated as you think. I pre ordered my iPhone 4s the day pre orders were available through AT&T, took them 2 weeks to get it to me. I was starting to get impatient due to I had ordered the 64gig so I assumed I would get it faster. I started to call around to all AT&T stores within a 15 mile radius of where I live (Los Angeles county) and all have been sold out. To this day most are sold out. When people ask me I just tell them to order online.

  • It’s a recession and people are buying this shit like insane.
    What the hell.

  • Anonymous

    Glad I got mine.