aTV Flash Black, the software solution that adds a multitude of new features to a jailbroken Apple TV 2, finally released yesterday after many moons in beta testing.

The 1.0 release is pretty much the same as the version we showed you not too long ago, though there are a few changes that have been added since then.

If you have an Apple TV 2, aTV Flash Black is the surest way to get the most bang for your buck out of Apple’s self proclaimed “hobby” device…

aTV Flash Black allows you to watch videos from your computer in a variety of formats, install weather plugins, and browse the web right from the confines of your Lay-Z-Boy sleeper sofa.

Here is a list of changes in this latest release:

Added support for FLAC and MTS files
Added support for files with 5.0, 4.0, 3.0 and 2.1 audio tracks
Added support for embedded covert art (m4a, m4v, mp4)
Added fanart backdrops for TV Shows
Added new folder artwork in Grid View
Added loop and shuffle playlist options
Added TV Show series cover art in Grid View and Top Shelf
Added top to bottom and right to left navigation in grid view
Added global setting for enabling/disabling subtitles
Added support for large photo collections
Added support for folders containing dot (‘.’) in their name
Added (watched) view options in List View (use Play/Pause button to switch view)
Added backup type options
Added relaunch prompt after restoring from saved backup
Improved folder cover art logic
Improved setup of new shares
Improved handling of invalid XML files
Improved cursor handling in DVD menus
Improved recently watched item handling
Improved metadata caching logic
Improved TV Show filename parsing
Improved Grid View stability
Improved metadata fetching speed
Resolved issues with audio file metadata fetching
Resolved floating crashes related to metadata fetching
Resolved issues with metadata overriding when starting playback from top shelf
Resolved issues with chapter selection screen layout observed on short files
Resolved issues with metadata reloading in Grid View
Resolved issues with TV Shows aired date
Resolved issues with hangs on certain DVD menus
Resolved minor memory management issues
Resolved issues with scrolling in Top Shelf
Resolved issues with folder names overlapping in Grid View
Minor UI improvements

Before you can start enjoying aTV Flash Black and its many features, you’ll first have to jailbreak your Apple TV 2 using Seas0nPass — an Apple TV jailbreak tool brought to your by the same development team, FireCore.

Fortunately, we have a tutorial that shows you how to jailbreak the Apple TV 2 as well.

If you’re interested, head over to FireCore’s website and pick up aTV Flash Black for $29.95.

Have you jailbroken your Apple TV 2? What do you think about aTV Flash Black; is it worth the asking price?

  • Rob

    Just not worth it IMHO.

    XBMC does a sterling job and is totally free; works just fine on ATV 2G.

    The price in the article is also a sale price – the aTV Flash Black is usually three times that price!

    • Actually $29.95 is the retail price. But you can find it on sale here:

      • Christopher Rose

        Two questions:
        1. Can it play 1080p mkv files?
        2. Is the latest firmware of atv2 jailbrekable ?

  • I need a media player…12 gb of full hd matroska…does it work whit the apple tv 2?…i have never give any importance to this device but its cheaper then the western digital media player…and i need something for my kids room.

    • Anonymous

      it does.
      supported formats: AVI, M2TS, M4V, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MPG, MTS, WMV

  • Anonymous

    aTVFlash is worth every cent.
    XBMC doesn’t have a browser (The best is to control the browser with your iPhone Remote, so you can enter URLs and more with the keyboard on your iPhone).
    I don’t like it how XBMC is integrated into the Apple TV. A box in a box is like a Matryoshka from Russia 😉
    And 19.99$ is a real decent price.

    • Christopher Rose

      Does ATVFlash allow you to access all the fan art etc that xbmc does? How does it do streaming 1080p?

      • Anonymous

        it is just my personal point of view. for my usage atvflash is much more qualified than xbmc, despite i know about the massive xbmc plugin collection etc. but i miss the seamless integration into the apple tv like atvflash does.

  • I’ve been using xbmc since the original xbox and it’s wonderful. I don’t need to browse the web on my tv and the YouTube plugin works great. So, for me, since xbmc is free and wonderful, I’ll just stick with it.

  • I love my AppleTV, but am disappointed somewhat by it’s lack of streaming content. I would really love to have Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime as options.

    I have yet to jailbreak my AppleTV, but am curious what types of content do I get access to with XBMC or aTV FlashBack. I was about to buy a Roku to make up for some of what I consider short comings of AppleTV, just because the Roku provides more streaming services.

    So guys, instead of buying a Roku, would XBMC or aTV FlashBack give me access to Hulu / Amazon Prime? I don’t care about having a web browser on my TV. I just want more streaming content.


  • Anonymous

    Do you guys know if the computer that it’s streaming the media (MKV, 720p, 5.1) needs to transcode it, therefore use the CPU to do it? Or is just a “on-the-fly” streaming?