Apple released iTunes Match today, and users can now access their entire music library in iCloud on any authenticated iDevice running iOS 5. On the iPhone and iPad, iTunes Match can be easily enabled in the device’s Settings.

Once enabled, iTunes Match will allow you to download and start playing any uploaded track at any given time on multiple iDevices.

Apple turned on the iTunes Match option in the Settings app last month, but the toggle didn’t work until today. Once you have enabled iTunes Match in iTunes on your desktop, you can enable the service on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The Apple TV also supports iTunes Match for music streaming.

Before you begin, it’s important to note that enabling iTunes Match in iOS 5 will delete all of your locally stored music and replace everything with iCloud tracks. Once you enable iTunes Match, you will be warned that iCloud will replace all of the music on your iDevice with what you’ve uploaded to iCloud. Make sure that all of your music you didn’t get from the iTunes Store is backed up on your computer.

In iOS 5, navigate to the Settings app to turn on iTunes Match. Go the to the Music section and you’ll see the iTunes Match toggle at the top of the screen. Swipe this toggle and you’ll be prompted to enter your Apple ID password to enable iTunes Match.

You have two options once iTunes Match is enabled in iOS 5. You can turn on the “Show All Music” option, and all of the tracks that have been matched in iCloud will be viewable in your Music app. This means that you’ll see downloaded tracks alongside iCloud tracks that you can download by tapping the cloud icon next to each track and album.

If you leave “Show All Music” turned off, only locally stored music will be shown in your Music app. If you’re using iTunes Match for the first time, it’s good to leave “Show All Music” turned on initially. When “Show All Music” if off, only music that you have already downloaded from iCloud will be displayed in your iOS Music library. Once you have downloaded the tracks you want from iCloud, you can turn “Show All Music” off again to hide your entire track list. There’s no point in having a ton of tracks listed that you don’t plan on downloading to that iDevice.

As more music is automatically uploaded to iTunes Match, your iDevice will refresh on its own to reflect the added tracks. Again, turning the “Show All Music” option on will show you all of the available tracks that you can download.

iTunes Match costsΒ $24.99 a year and is available for purchase in the iTunes Store.

  • or you can just use google music which is free.

    • I’ve been using Google Music for a couple of months and have had lots of problems getting all my music synced with it. After much trial and error, I finally was able to get my whole library uploaded but my playlists don’t match, many are out of order and many show duplicates. It’s a huge headache. For free though? I guess you get what you pay for.

  • Dan

    google music is not available in Canada πŸ™
    I’m not going to pay 24.99 per month though, just the streaming would most likely push my 1gb/month limit over the edge

    • Anonymous

      It’s $25 a year. And you can choose which songs to store locally on your device.

      • Dan

        yeah typo on my part, meant 24.99 per year, I get absent minded when I pretend to work while visiting this site πŸ™‚

    • Wilson Ribeiro

      24.99 per YEAR

      • Dan

        yeah that’s why I said I made a typo in my previous post πŸ˜‰

    • Its not streaming. It downloads the tracks.

  • It has not been enabled here in the UK yet though πŸ™

  • Wilson Ribeiro

    I’ve just turned iTunes Match on and it is worth every penny. I have about 12.000 songs in my library and it was a headache the quality of many of those. Finally my library is in great shape, high quality and best of all, available in all ATV at home, my iPhone, wife’s iPhone and daughter’s iPad.
    Must have !

  • It doesn’t actually delete your local tracks, well at least the ones that are on iTunes Match. I synced all my music locally to iTunes. Then I turned on match so that I’m starting with everything downloaded. Then as I add new songs to iTunes I will have to download them via Match.

  • I can not see iTunes match toggle in music section of the settings menu, what can be the reason of it? I have iOS 5.0.1 and signed for iTunes match…

    • same thing as you….any ideas to solve it?
      my “music” settings starts with “Shake to Shuffle”

      • I have the same issue but when I try to switch to acct #2 in iTunes store it says I can’t access any of my music in acct #1 … What’s the fix?

  • Let us say my itunes collection is 20GB but my ipod touch /ipad has less capacity (e.g. 8GB). Can I still use itunes match?

  • I activated the service as well, but what if there is a song I do not want any more on my iPad?
    Can I “unload” it?

  • After the activation of iTunes Match, is it possible to delete a track from my device, if I am fed-up with it?

  • How can i open my itunes on my iphone4g????i dont know how please help me !!!thank you

  • BorisBulldog

    I’ve turned on match and it shows my 6000+ songs but my capacity on my iPad hasn’t been reduced by the 48gb amount.

    Why can’t I get it to remove my songs from the device?

  • Phillip Case

    what a pathetic joke. how the hell do a manually make my ipad fricking update imatch