Apple added quick setup support for Microsoft’s Hotmail email service in the Mail app on iOS 5, and the Redmond company has announced that it’s seen a massive surge in Hotmail activations since the public launch of Apple’s latest mobile software.

Microsoft is seeing 100,000 new iOS 5 devices log into the email provider every day, and over 2 million users have linked their iDevices to Hotmail on iOS 5.

In a blog post yesterday Microsoft’s Chris Jones revealed that the company is very pleased with its user adoption on the iOS 5 platform. The majority of Hotmail users are on the iPhone 4 running iOS 5, while 12% of users are still on the iPhone 3GS.

iOS also supports Exchange Active Sync, allowing users to sync email, calendars, reminders, and contacts between devices. Apple opened the iOS platform up to the enterprise market when it added Exchange support, and now more businesses are starting to support the iPhone and iPad.

Here’s a chart of Hotmail users on iOS 5 devices:

While Gmail continues to arguably be the most popular email service for devices like the iPhone, and Apple offers its iCloud email service for free, Hotmail isn’t seeing a decline in users. In fact, Microsoft thinks that “it’s a great time to switch to Hotmail.”

We wouldn’t go that far, Microsoft.


  • Wtf, why are you losers using Hotmail?

    • For SPAM mail, that’s all. I use my Hotmail account to register on all the websites that are not important, and to comment on forums, like this, for example. (Not anymore here, I see they’ve just implemented Disqus, nice!)

  • Hotmail actually isn’t as bad as it once was. Now, will I switch from Google Apps to Hotmail? Hell no. But I will give them credit for making their service better over the years. I also think they provide Exchange syncing now as well?

  • ew

  • Anonymous

    Does this Hormail support include Live addresses?

  • Anonymous

    Also, on the subject of jailbreaking- what can I use to back up my Cydia Apps and Tweaks? Pkgbackup won’t work, doesn’t have iOS 5 support.

  • Dan

    I left hotmail years ago and never looked back. I can’t imagine they’ve added half the functionality Gmail has.

  • Hotmail Is SHIT!

    • tomo008866

      Hotmail is better than gmail or Yahoo! mail. Research the facts…

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had hotmail for a long time.