Samsung has requested that Apple hand over the source code for the iPhone 4S firmware along with the dark details of its iPhone subsidy agreements with Australian carriers. In the ongoing legal battle between Samsung and Apple, both companies continue to accuse each other of infringing on each other’s patents.

After fighting legal battles in multiple countries around the world, Samsung and Apple have landed in the Australian court to duke it out. This time, Samsung is countering Apple’s preliminary injunction on the Galaxy Tab with its own preliminary injunction against the newly-released iPhone 4S.

Samsung believes that the iPhone infringes on three of its patents that deal with 3G wireless technology and the transmission of mobile data. Samsung counsel Cynthia Cochrane requested that the court command Apple to give Samsung the iPhone 4S source code and subsidy agreements with Australian carriers Vodafone, Telstra, and Optus.

Why does Samsung want the iPhone’s source code? Samsung wants to see if Apple is really infringing on the accused patents. Apple has said that it must “wait for advice” before handing over any code to the eager hands of Samsung.

These patent infringement accusations are mostly based on confusing licensing deals. Samsung says that Apple hasn’t correctly licensed its patents, and Apple says that it’s covered all the bases.

Apple is known for procuring much higher carrier subsidies than the rest of the industry. Samsung wants these subsidy details in Australia revealed to the court as well:

“It goes to show that since the iPhone 3G was made available in Australia in July 2008, the impact on the market for every iPhone product has been significant, and has lead to a substantial increase … in market share by revenue. If subsidies are given for the iPhone 4S, there are less to go around for my client’s products.”

The proceedings will continue Friday, November 4th. The case will be handled by the same judge that gave Apple the preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

We highly doubt that Apple will be handing over source code for anything to anyone.


  • Justin

    I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s easy to get the source code. You hold the home button, press the down volume button, release the home button, stick you left leg in, stick your left out, do the hokey pokey and turn yourself about.
    Oh wait. Never mind. That’s for something else.

    • Frank


    • Dalle

      +1 😀

  • Frank

    loool, joke of the day… samsung, thats not gonna happen!

  • Burge

    ThIs is just getting stupid now..if its not Samsung Vs Apple it’s iOS Vs Android …at the end of the day choose your make..,and live with it untill you get a new phone then it starts again…I don’t care if Samsung sue Apple. I don’t care what Andriod user think of IOS.. For me my iPhone is better for’s that simple… Sorry for my little rant I just don’t care any more about who is suing who’s just one story that never going to end..

  • Mac

    Sam ……Sung suck!!!!!!

    • Actually I am an avid Apple fan, but I can say Apple sucks. They are idiots who are scared shitless of competition. Why do you think Steve Jobs hated Android?

  • Mike

    Translation: Apple, give us the Source Code. We wanna make the best clone ever.

    • Sean

      Hammer on the head , Samsung is slicker than fish grease

  • kokhean

    I would rather have the two companies joined together, then the world would be in chaos.

  • mark

    wait for advice? from who?

  • Cameron Carlyon

    When Apple asks for something from Samsung the court says yea sure! But when Samsung asks for something they say no! Do you think Apple bribed the judge or something?

    • Justin

      Thats simple. The judge uses an iPhone.

    • Mike

      To go further you need solid evidences. and on most of them Apple had them and Samsung not. Even a blind can spot the the samsung clones…and now the judge understand that Samsung wants only revenge, nothing more.

      But, off course if Samsung has something fair enough to go after Apple, I believe it will be different. But still “stupid” because iPhone is here since 2007 and only now Samsung remember that “hey.. I think Apple has our technology here…”

      • Cameron Carlyon

        It’s true, it does look like Samsung has copied a few designs from Apple but what about the time Samsung showed that star trek like video?

      • Mike

        Well the Star Trek video was a joke, because its science fiction and not even a real product. And…I don’t remember watching on that concept the Samsung logo 🙂

        I think everybody knows that iPad is the Macbook Pro screen design…and other great thing, did you saw the galaxies samsung webpage with iOS screenshots?… I think that was the best of all evidences that Samsung really copy Apple.

        Samsung need to move on and stop acting like a child. They now that, and even their CEO admits that…

      • OK Well “Long Live The iPhone”! 😛

  • Buster

    What next? Will samsung ask the judge to exhume steve job’s body? Wtf is it with these no sense requests? By the way things are going, I wonder if Samsung will stop selling apple parts to make the iPhone.

  • Darrin

    We have to realize that Samsung is the only company to best apple at copy an idea and do it better. Although they are not doing it better in the phone market. They single handily copied and now dominate the tv market. Samsung is great with technology, even if it isn’t there idea they usually make great products. But going toe to toe with apple may have been there first mistake. My opinion atleast.

  • Soto

    Some how this blog sites are making me realize how bad Samsung is at times. Little by little I dispice Samsung, I hardly and at all dont want their products in my home.

  • O_o
  • Sumsung, sumsung, sumsung…. When are you goin to think your way?
    Well Apple has done it’s part, do yours.
    Those of us who are using apple do know that you sumsung are jus copycats of the real mr jobs’ Apple

  • Anonymous

    It’s so funny how these iSheeps think Apple never copies and only innovates. iOS 5 is basically iOS with added features from Android. Microsoft made the first touchscreen, multitouch tablet. But yeah, Apple never copies anyone right?