During its “Let’s Talk iPhone” event earlier this month, Apple announced that its highly anticipated iTunes Match service would launch by the end of October. And seeing as how it’s October 27th, we can’t be too far away from a public release.

Apple is certainly moving the pieces into place. Last week we reported that an iTunes Match toggle popped up in the iOS Settings application, and last night developers received an email stating that their Match libraries would be reset today…

Apple unveiled iTunes Match at its WWDC event back in June. The $24.99/year service mirrors a user’s music library in iCloud so it can be accessed from anywhere without the need to spend hours uploading files. It’ll be interesting to see how popular this gets.

Do you plan on signing up?

  • CrazyBraulz

    It would suck if this caused the next iPhone to have less memory because I would like to have a 64 GB iPhone that’s not the 4S when I get my upgrade next year :/

  • Rip off!

  • Caitlin

    Of course I’m getting it. What a deal! All of your music, from CDs or elsewhere, available to download from the cloud at any time? Why wouldn’t you buy it?

  • I just don’t think it’s worth it

  • N

    Spotify is a better solution to the music storage problem. You can also add your own music.

  • The Wizard’s Baker

    Because you might end up paying more in data

  • Tuffgong

    oh yeah Nobel? So what is worth it then? can’t afford 25 bucks to have this great service? funny

  • Jeff

    So will it just allow you to store the music in the cloud or let you stream and make and/or add to playlists already on your OS devices? If so then I could mess with that,$24.99/yr is not bad really especially if they can have it to where anytime you upload a new song on your computer it automatically adds to the Cloud.

  • Spencer

    In Spain the toggle hasn’t shown up as yet in the settings app. Is it going to be a US launch first?

  • Linda Vich

    Any word on iMatch for Canada? The toggle never did appear here. I’m definitely looking forward to getting it!