Today we finally got to go hands-on with a near final beta version of IntelliScreenX — the highly anticipated jailbreak app for iOS 5’s Notification Center — and let’s just cut to the chase, it lives up to the hype, and then some.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is how Notification Center is done. IntelliScreenX makes iOS 5’s new pull down menu, a literal center of notifications.

There’s Twitter, Facebook, RSS, and email, and it’s done in such a way that you can communicate without ever leaving Notification Center; you can even do so from the Lock screen.

Check inside for a full video preview of IntelliScreenX, and you’ll see why this upcoming app is reason enough alone to jailbreak your iPhone…

True, there have been similar apps like this done in the past — LockInfo immediately comes to mind. While I am a huge admirer of LockInfo, and everything that the developer of that app has done, I could never keep it on my iPhone for very long.

With LockInfo, I simply felt it was too complicated and too cumbersome to keep as a permanent staple on my iPhone. I realize I am definitely in the minority here, and will no doubt feel the wrath of the legions of LockInfo supporters, but it’s the truth.

With IntelliScreenX, the developer has taken an already existing iOS 5 framework, and simply added on to it, simply modified it to fit their needs. For that reason, it feels less complicated, more natural, and a lot more stable than LockInfo; even at this early stage in the game.

Additionally, IntelliScreenX’s two-way communication methodology is excellent. Everything is so quick, so snappy, so spontaneous. Twitter feeds are pushed in real time, RSS feeds can be updated with a swipe; Facebook, and email work largely in the same manner.

Maybe things feel more natural to me with IntelliScreenX, because I’m used to having Notification Center as an integral part of my daily routine. I can’t really put my finger on just what it is, but it just feels right.

As you’ve no doubt gleaned from the video, IntelliScreenX is probably one of the most highly anticipated jailbreak apps for iOS 5 — arguably, ever. I’m excited to report that even at this stage, it’s living up to that hype quite nicely. What’s even more exciting, is that the potential for growth is staggering.

Once it launches on late Thursday, or early Friday, IntelliScreenX can be purchased on the ModMyi repo for $9.99. Like all Intelliborn apps, it includes a free trial to see whether you like it or not.

Are you excited for IntelliScreenX? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • John doe

    Why would you want to access this from your notification center? Really how long does it take to log in your phone and push your twitter button? Notification is ment to access missed calls, txt messages and stuff, not to duplicate all your apps.

  • John doe

    Why would you want to access this from your notification center? Really how long does it take to log in your phone and push your twitter button? Notification is ment to access missed calls, txt messages and stuff, not to duplicate your apps.

  • when will available?

  • Jas God

    y’all str8 up pump-faked me…

    • Rod

      yeah and it is still not out

  • chizZo

    when will it be released????? cant wait

  • Hashim


    I installed IntelliScreenX beta, but icant see the quick setting toggles like wifi and bluetooth?

    Do u know how i can get them?

  • Whats is the sbsettings theme that has been used here ?

    It looks awesome

    • george cesario

      Yes i would also like to know what the sbsetting is and how you set it all up to look so nice

    • iT’s not sbsettings, if you purchase intelliscreenx you’ll c it’s built in

      • How do you enable the inbuilt sbsettings as a top shelf. I can’t seem to be able to put any app into the shelf where it says “Empty”, it just says that in gray and won’t let me put anything there. Has anyone else experienced this?

  • Nvm, my IntelliScreenX respringed and when I rolled down the notifications panel, the inbuilt SBSettings were there. Now it’s all complete and it definitely is a huge improvement over the default Notification Center on my iPhone! 🙂

  • My tweet is in the top widget in the first photo. Just saying…

    • Axles

      nobody cares

  • Nikita Lebedev

    The app is freaking awesome!!!! If you like to read RSS feeds, twitter, and always check email – this app is made for you.

  • scott allison

    The best reason to have lockinfo is for the favorites option. To see you favorite contacts and be able to quick call or text. This is a huge thing missing from intelliscreenx!!!

    • Do you think they’ll add it in later updates

      • You can actually download “Favorite Contacts for Notification Center.” It does the same thing with bigger and better pictures. It also plays nicely with intelliscreenx.

  • Is messages+ better than bitesms or worth it enough to purchase this? Also will it be permanently included once I purchase it?!


    • scott allison

      iMessages+ is much better.
      I’d get lockinfo hitch you can get for free and buy iMessages+ for £7.99.

    • bitesms is automatically integrated into intelliscreenX in the lower right corner of Notification center. I bought this app from cydia.

      • thats only because you have bite. if you didn’t, it comes with messages+

  • JayKay

    Hey Jeff, man you are awesome, i decided that i’ll not JB my iPhone 4s, but you are the man who’s videos about JB tweaks are forcing me to do that and while I’m writing this comment my phone is jail breaking, you are now my fav. on twitter.

  • JayKay

    finish with JB of my 4s safari icon is white any clue?

    • scott allison

      Hi jaykay.

      To fix the problem go to cydia and install sbsettings.
      Within sbsettings go to hide the icons you say are showing white then reboot. Then re show the icons you hid.
      Job done!!

      • JayKay

        Thnx scott for the concern and reply, I installed couple of tweaks and i think with them some thing fixed it, Thnx again.

  • Jim

    I use IntelliScreenX a lot.It’s a great tweak!!!!

  • i loved this tweek but when i isntalled in my iphone4 with ios501 the device come’s from safe mode….. what would be happened ????

  • good review…
    but 9$ is too steep.
    5$ would be a perfect price point

  • Anonymous

    I feel that $9 is too exp.

  • Why there are not a cracked version. But the original version of trial dind’t come in NC

  • Anonymous

    i bought this for my 4S and was so excited, it does work well but the it kills the battery, I’m not one of the people who plays a lot with their phone, but damn my batter was draining like crazy, i usually can go a day without charging, after 5.1 i can go 2 days, (with light use) but with IntelliscreenX i couldn’t go 8 hours without the battery going under 10%.

    Even when idle this thing is a battery hugger, I guess i’ll try again in a year or so, sucks i paid $10 for that crap

  • zouztg

    People, its really worth every cent .. when you try it you will know that ..

    but am having one small issue, its that when someone page me on facebook or whatsapp or whatever it goes back to the old screen .. is there a way to lock intelliscreenx?

  • So optimistic

    I’m having trouble…it won’t let me load this tweak on my 5s 32g. What do I need to do to get intelX7?