If there’s one thing we all love, it’s Twitter. There’s just something about those short little bursts of wisdom that compels us all.

If you’re an iPhone user, you’re certainly not short on choice when it comes to Twitter apps for your beloved phone, so you don’t need another one, right? Well, if it offers something a little different, you just might.

Instatweet does just that by giving users a fast way to send out tweets in iOS 5…

Instatweet leverages the new Twitter API that is built right into iOS 5 and simply pulls up the operating system’s Twitter pane. No fancy animations, no bundles of features that nobody actually uses.

In fact, Instatweet is so bare-bones that there isn’t actually a way to read any of your timeline, it is purely for sending your own messages out.

That’s why we like it so much.

When you have the urge to tweet – and let’s be frank, we all do – you just want to get it typed out, or even dictated these days, and have it sent off for your followers to enjoy. Problem is, even the official Twitter app isn’t the quickest, and you have to wait for your timeline to refresh while you’re trying to tap the ‘new tweet’ button. It all takes time, and that’s where Instatweet offers something new.

For just $0.99, and if you’re a Twitter fan like we are, then you really can’t go wrong with Instatweet. It’s available in the App Store as a universal app for the iPhone and iPad.

  • jamesandyori

    Nice! Just tried it! I like it!


  • Have you guys ever heard of Activator? It’s already built-in in that tweak.

    • iamLuqman

      Thank You! Ripp off!! The entire post sounds like a commercial

      • That’s because we got paid $6,000,000 to post this.

    • DebTym

      wow. now you are richer than apple. an apple blog site which is richer than apple. lol.

      • ReanimationXP

        Yes, 6 million would clearly break Apple’s bank. idiot.

      • DebTym

        yeah you got it. except the part that i’m actually joking! idiot.

    • Brent


  • Has anyone tried the app ‘Quickpost’? It does the same and its free.. Plus it has facebook support as well..

    • DebTym

      Thanks for the tip!

    • DebTym

      wow. you are right. It has Facebook and Twitter. and its FREE! Thanks a lot! It saved me $0.99

    • BLiNK

      the reviews for Quickpost do not look very good. at all.

      • DebTym

        It works well for me.^^ Just try it. Its free men.

    • Quickpost does not use the new twitter API built into iOS 5 therefore that’s not what we’re looking for

      • DebTym

        iTweet uses it and its free. its just the same with instatweet

  • Rich

    I like legit apps that work. Tweaks are nice, but tweaks are sometimes slowly updated, and tend to be more buggy than something legit. I used to jailbreak for everything, and slowly winded down to just customization things, like themes and sounds.I still give kudos to the jailbreak community, but it’s nice to know legit apps are comparing to tweaks. And activator loads slower on my iPhone 4, than this app.

  • Juan

    wow, another dev ripping people off by cutting and pasting. such a shame. Activator (free) has the Twitter modal built right in.

    • Jas God


    • You do realize that activator is a jailbreak tweak and we’re looking for native apps right? Some of us are on 4s’ and don’t have the ability or desire to jailbreak

  • Joey

    How does it work.

  • humi
    • DebTym

      cool too

  • DebTym

    Quickpost is faster than iTweet, in terms of when you opened the app, though iTweet was just release last Oct 23. And its the same with Instatweet the only difference is the logo?haha

  • Mzjazzyre

    There’s a free app in AppStore called tweetme which does same thing…

  • dddu

    to the webmaster, I suggest you to change the banner system, the loading is very slow compared to other news website.

  • Elcarlitoxloco

    I wish it had the ability of enabling the app with a single gesture like a jail broken app. I guess until I get ios5 jail broken that works with iBooks this will have to do. meh.