After nearly two weeks on the market, people are still finding new stuff in iOS 5. Apple’s latest software update to its mobile operating system is loaded with new features — over 200 according to Scott Forstall and company.

The update also includes new capibilities for iOS users. You can activate your device’s camera from your lock screen and you can view notifications by swiping down on your status bar. You can also save videos to your camera roll…

TiPB spotlights a new addition in iOS 5 that you may or may not have known about — the ability to save videos from a text or email message. In previous versions of iOS, you could save photos that were sent to you, but not videos.

This changes with the latest iOS update, as you now get the option to save video in both the Email and Messages applications. Simply hold your finger down on the clip, and select Save Video from the popup menu that appears — it’s that simple.

Any questions?

  • Gus Me

    Nice find. Anyone know if the quality of the video is still considerably bad when sending through text?

    • Taylor Harris

      Unless the video is sent through iMessage (meaning that both the sender and recipient are using iMessage), video quality is still just as poor when sent through MMS.

  • Rman

    You could do the same thing in previous iOS version 4.X.X. Also videos sent via Message are considerably lower quality than send the same video via email

  • Big Wang

    This is not new! I’ve used this feature for a while in iOS 4

    • I agree I’m still using ios4 and I can do this without a problem

  • em

    i cant save videos from an email and im on iOS 5

  • Alex

    I appreciate your passion and dedication to bringing tips like this to idevice enthusiasts like myself.

  • kp

    yeh but if the format is mp4 then u cant save the vid

  • Good find, this was new features in ios 5, so it was Help us lot.

    • Yurt

      It’s not new. This was an option in 4.3.3.

      • Kuwaity_Dark

        Very nice

  • Where does it save the videos to? It’s not in the Camera Roll or the Videos app. I need it to be in the Camera Roll so that I can edit thm with the Splice app

  • Same problem here Tim. Tap “Save Video”, video goes nowhere. Pictures save to camera roll just fine, and I am also on the 3GS.

  • Same here

  • Ok so I just discovered that I have this same problem. iPhone 3GS running 5.1.1. Couldn’t save a video to camera roll. But instead I just emailed it to myself. Hold down on the images of the video and copy will come out. Select copy n then email it yourself. Best solution I found. Anyone else has another way ?