How to Open the Camera App From Your Lock Screen on iOS 5

One of the cool new features of iOS 5 is that it allows you to bring up the Camera app directly from the lock screen. No need to unlock the phone, look for the Camera app and launch it, as you can now do that right from the lock screen now. This simple feature can save time if you want to take a picture right away.

I’ve been asked a few times today how to activate this feature, and even though most of you out there probably know how to use it, I figured it might be helpful for new iOS users…

In order to open the Camera app quickly, simply double click the home button while you are on your iPhone’s lock screen. This will bring up the Camera icon, as seen on the image above.

Tap the icon and it will launch the Camera app.

That’s all there is to it! Simple and straightforward. Just the way Apple likes it.