After a week on the market, people are falling more and more in love with the iPhone 4S-exclusive Siri feature. Not only is it fun to ask it questions, but folks are coming up with more and more uses for the digital personal assistant.

We’ve already seen how to integrate the voice command feature with third party list-making apps like Remember The Milk, but did you know that you can use Siri to create lists in the native Reminders app as well? TUAW shows us how…

The Unofficial Apple Weblog posted a nifty little tutorial yesterday on how to create a grocery list in iOS 5’s Reminders app using Siri. It’s actually quite easy to setup, and more importantly, you can add items to the list at anytime using voice commands.

Step 1. For starters, you must create a new list in the Reminders app. To do this, tap the list editor icon in the top left hand corner of the main screen (looks like three lines). Then tap the edit button, and select the Create New List option.

Step 2. Name the list whatever you want. For the purpose of this tutorial, I named the list “Grocery.” Then tap the Done button in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Step 3. Now that the list is created, exit out of the Reminders app. Activate Siri and say, “add [milk] to the Grocery list.” Siri then confirms that you’d like to add the item to the list, and then does so. You can open up Reminders to view the list at anytime.

Keep in mind that the Reminders app isn’t as full-featured as other list-makers, and Siri doesn’t split multiple items up (so if you say “add bread and cheese to the Grocery list,” it adds them as a single item). But for list-making on the fly, this works great.

Any questions?

  • paulobmarcos

    I think Siri is the reason of the iOS 5 untethered delay !
    They will only release it when they can make Siri to work on iPhone 4 … Maybe I am wrong or maybe I am not xD

    • Yboy403

      I’m pretty sure the major dev teams stay away from piracy, which (as another commenter already mentioned) would be required to port Siri to the iPhone 4. That pretty much guarantees that the untether delay has nothing to with Siri.
      What’s more, even if they were searching for a Siri port, I don’t think they’d delay an untether millions of people are waiting for just to release a minor feature along with it.

  • Taz

    Just asked Siri what she was wearing –
    “Aluminosilicote glass and stainless steel. Nice, huh?”
    So funny.

  • Roberto

    I hope it works out for the JB community to get Siri, but, they are having issues 1. connecting Siri to Apple Network. 2. copyright Act(and this one is the biggie) Siri will require piracy to get it on other devices! 3. Even if they get everything fix and able to connect to Apple’s Network, it won’t take them long before they figure out that this device is not a 4S when connecting.. it’s going to take some time…

  • they already told porting wont require piracy…

  • Daniel

    Thanks. That was a very useful tip.

  • yboy403

    See It’s the first article that turned up on Google of more than 20, all quoting MuscleNerd as saying that it’s not possible to port Siri without piracy, barring an exploit which doesn’t yet exist.
    Where did you read that piracy isn’t required?

  • Anonymous

    Question: I ask Siri to add milk to my grocery list. She asks me which list (on my iPhone or on .Mac). I always want it on my iPhone and have never purposely added any reminder list on my computer. Is iCloud making a copy of my list? Can I get rid of the on my .Mac option?