The Associated Press seems to have gotten its hands on the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. The highly anticipated book is due out later this month, but excerpts have been surfacing on the web over the last 48 hours.

One of the more interesting tidbits that has come to light is a passage regarding Jobs’ thoughts and comments on third-party applications. Apparently at one point, Jobs thought that web apps were the wave of the future…

Here’s what Job’s said about iPhone apps back in 2007:

“The full Safari engine is inside of iPhone. And so, you can write amazing Web 2.0 and Ajax apps that look exactly and behave exactly like apps on the iPhone. And these apps can integrate perfectly with iPhone services. They can make a call, they can send an email, they can look up a location on Google Maps. And guess what? There’s no SDK that you need! You’ve got everything you need if you know how to write apps using the most modern web standards to write amazing apps for the iPhone today. So developers, we think we’ve got a very sweet story for you. You can begin building your iPhone apps today.”

With no third-party native app support from Apple, the hacker community took it upon themselves to make it happen. By the Fall of 2007, jailbreakers had come up with a method to install native software on the iPhone. And Apple took note.

According to the Huffington Post:

“Apple board member Art Levinson told Isaacson that he phoned Jobs “half a dozen times to lobby for the potential of the apps,” but, according to Isaacson, “Jobs at first quashed the discussion, partly because he felt his team did not have the bandwidth to figure out all the complexities that would be involved in policing third-party app developers.”

Between the jailbreak community’s efforts, and web apps never really gaining traction, Jobs caved. In late 2007 he announced that an iPhone SDK would be available to developers early the following year. Now look at apps and what they’ve become.

Where would the iPhone have been without the App Store?


  • Jason Masters

    I thought installer was originally From apple ?

    • Dylan

      Nope. Made by hackers

    • Jay

      why the perverted pic?

      • Jason Masters

        It’s perverted only to douchebags that’s why so I guess we know who you are lol!!!!

      • fdxgncgfn

        that means its perverted to you too right?

      • fdxgncgfn

        because if it wasn’t, the world wouldn’t make sense you d-bag.

    • Mentis

      It is not jailbreakers that helped create app store. But it is success of facebook apps, where apps are controlled centrally by fb, that inspired Steve create app store where you can pull down an app from server side unlike windows apps.

  • Installer was going to have a come back, but haven’t heard anything for awhile.

  • Fu Xian

    Hackers and violators of Apple’s user agreement did not “help create” the app store. They shaped the app store as we know it.

    • Steve


    • Jay

      they helped in its creation in that it was there before its creation and showed how its possible. it also shaped it

    • fdxgncgfn

      they got the idea.

  • Cydia came before the app store even back then apple took stuff from the jailbreak community

    • Steve

      Of course, why wouldnt they. When you see newly developed apps that people are using and really enjoy, the feedback gets around. Its only time before it is implemented into the stock OS. Jailbreakers are people with ideas, then there are users–people that limit themselves with what has been presented.

      • Sb

        Wonderfully said!!

      • iXanczy


  • James Wolfe

    I’m going to destroy Android! It’s a stolen product! It’s full of ideas I stole from jailbreakers! I stole them first, they’re mine!

    • fdxgncgfn

      lol +1000000000

  • Grant

    What ever happened to the cydia store coming to the mac?

    • Jay

      who owns a mac?

      • David

        I’m assuming that you don’t

    • norablindsided

      Why? It’s not like you can download anything online without any restriction. If you could only install programs from the App Store, then Cydia would become necessary, but if Apple did that they would singlehandedly kill all of their power users.

  • I wonder what iOS 5 would be like if jailbreaking never existed…


  • Burge

    If you what to be more correct . It all comes down to geohot jailbreaking the first iPhone ..with out him doing that where would we be now ?

  • Burge

    If you what to be more correct . It all comes down to geohot jailbreaking the first iPhone .With out him doing that where would we be now ?

    • Jason Masters

      Dont you hate these trolls that change their names daily just to bother people they have no life at all living in their mums basement lol I guess they don’t know what an ip is right?

      • Binary-Stalker

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      • Jason Masters

        As stated before these trolls are just a pain case in point