The first commercial starring Apple’s latest handset has just hit the airwaves. And as you might have guessed, the focus of the ad is the company’s new Siri feature. For some folks, this may have been the first time they have seen it in action.

One of Apple’s strong suits is its ability to market its products to the average consumer, and this commercial is no exception. It demonstrates everyday uses for the new voice control system, and leaves you wanting to know more…

Perhaps most interesting about the advert is that there isn’t any direct mention of Siri. The people in the ad are obviously using the feature, but no one ever says its name. Overall, the ad is classic Apple. Simple and to the point with no mention of specs or hardware.

What’s your take on Apple’s new iPhone 4S ad?

  • ic0dex

    When you have your headset on and you get a text message, does Siri say “You have massage”. Or you just hear a ding. I swear I saw a comersial when some guy said to Siri “Text Bla Bla” and Siri sent the message. Then that person sent a text back and Siri automatically said “You have a message and she asked would you like me to read your message. How do I activate this feature?

    • emay

      its a feature in voice over only. But then it makes it so the phone tells you exactly what you’re doing.

      • ic0dex

        Whats Voice over how do I activate it?

      • ic0dex

        Okay i found it and it was annoying as hell. I think the heater should have been included.

      • MrA

        VoiceOver options are pretty sweet.

        There’s a lot more functionality you can add to your phone. IDB you should do an article about them, I’m sure a lot of people aren’t aware of them.

  • Yellow

    Apple should have hired Ellen McLain to voice Siri in her GLaDOS voice.

    • Justin

      I would pay for that if Apple could offer it on iTunes. 😀

      • Angelo

        Agree. 😀

      • Tony

        Hopefully the JB community will figure out a way to change the voice of Siri 🙂

      • Agreed

  • Siri is a thirsty bitch on the battery tho

  • Dodgerdeezy

    I like how he told it to play a song but Siri can’t bot do that. Fail

    • MrA

      Siri can play a song you name. What are you talking about?

  • Kosh

    One thing they didn’t mention in the commercials is that Siri is location based:

    “Siri, how do I get to the hospital!”

    “*Beep*: I’m sorry, I can’t look for hospitals in Canada.”

    Hopefully this is a temporary thing due to the beta. I do like Siri quite a bit!

  • Does anyone know the name of that song?