When you ride in a luxury car, one of the first things you’ll notice is an analog clock. It’s a sign of grace, style, and precision.

Since the iPhone is arguably the “luxury car” of smart phones, it’s only right that an analog clock graces iOS 5’s new Notification Center.

Sure enough, not long after iOS 5 was released to the public, ClockCenter shows up on Cydia…

While ClockCenter is kind of barren — okay, let’s be honest, it’s extremely barren — it does hold a lot of promise.

If the developer can line up a good batch of custom themes for ClockCenter, and others jump on the theming bandwagon, then I could see it taking off.

Until then, the stock theme just isn’t enough to warrant a spot anywhere on my iPhone’s Notification Center, don’t you agree?

And no, before you ask, I don’t have a luxury car (I wish!); I’ve just ridden in them.

  • The Analog Clock for Notification Center is a great idea, but has a poor UI design, and poor quality displayment, it definitely needs some design adjustment as it does not really fit in with the rest of some of the better designed widgets out there, which I have installed on my Notification Center.

    • Agree. That’s why I mentioned themes. If he can get some good themers on board, it would make the widget 1000% better. As it is, I can’t really take the look of it in its current form…

  • Whammy!

    It’s hideous. Theming is a must. The clock graphics had to have been made in MS Paint, the font is atrocious (is that Comic Sans?), and there’s no white space around the clock; it touches the edges of the box, WTF?!??1

    I’m also somewhat surprised users are installing widgets for this screen since it’s so useless. I can’t believe Apple went to all the trouble to implement better notifications yet did so little to actually notify us. Hardly anything ever shows up on the lockscreen, which is stupid because it’s the single most seen place on an iPhone. FYI Apple, Intelliscreen and LockInfo did this 3 years ago.

    All they’ve done is hide a wonderful notification system. The only way I know I have notifications is if there are app badges. I might as well go straight into the app then – why go to notifications just to tap again to go into the app? On top of that, older apps clear their badges but don’t clear their notifications so I have to clear them manually. The good news is, I don’t even know they’re there most of the time since I have no way of knowing what’s in the pull down screen without opening it.

    iOS is beginning to resemble a Microsoft product. Don’t even get me started on how Apple chose to implement multitasking…what a joke.