Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few months, you’ve no doubt caught wind of BBSettings, the so-called “SBSettings killer” for iOS 5’s Notification Center.

True enough, it is a very beautiful widget, and its function is certainly promising, but can it take down the reigning king of all jailbreak apps?

Find out the answer to that question and more, as I go hands-on with BBSettings on video…

The short answer to that question is, no; it’s not an SBSettings killer; not yet.

I found the BBSettings to be a bit too laggy in its current form, but it certainly shows promise.

Right now, SBSettings is far and away more useful, due to features like Mobile Substrate add-ons, the ability to quickly hide app icons, and the simple theming properties.

That’s not to say that BBSettings can’t be an SBSettings killer; it just isn’t in its current form.

What do you think? If you want to give BBSettings a shot for yourself, and your iPhone is jailbroken, you can download it from its GitHub repository and install it via iFile.

  • Andre

    Jeff..how did you get those beautiful icons on Sbsettings? I download Sbsettings and I have the ugly giant icons

    • Check out: ask Jeff:1 on youtube by my jailbreak movies and you’ll see his theme for sbsettings

  • Andre

    dont see it but ok

  • CrazyBraulz

    I totally agree with you Jeff, BBsettings is not a SBsettings killer. It’s nice but I prefer SBsettings, I can change the theme, add toggles and it works better. Nice article btw keep it up homes!

  • Andre

    its not the same as whats in this video

  • I was using BBSettings at first until the new SBSettings came out but I like SBSettings waaay better currently. Maybe if BBSettings has it’s performance and look improved.

  • CrazyBraulz

    Hey there Jeff, I have CleanStatus but it doesn’t work on my iPhone4 iOS 5 it just erases the clock on my statusbar no matter what toggle I turn on :/. Did it just work for you? If you have any ideas on how to make it work for me that would be greatly appreciated.

    • CrazyBraulz

      If anyone else can help it would be awesome as well 🙂

    • Maybe it hasn’t been updated to work on the current firmware.

      • CrazyBraulz

        Take a close look at the video and look at the statusbar, it has nothing on it. In an earlier post about the preferenceloader one of the first tweaks he had on there was CleanStatus and it works for him :/

  • MALdito

    Its shows a lot of promise :-).

  • Andre

    appreciate it Crazy

  • brian

    Jeff, any idea if you can use the tethered jailbreak on iOS 5, then run the untethered jailbreak later without having to restore again?

    • Parker

      Yes you can

  • Gato

    Ive been running bbsettings since its came out. Mine is not lagy at all. It runs fast and also clean my status bar.
    Definitly killed sbs for me.

  • Bob

    Is it just my phone that doesn’t hold settings in bbsettings? Brightness doesn’t hold if I turn off the screen. Setting the carrier doesn’t either.

  • Diddyo

    It is not laggy at all for me, also carrier name changing works fine too. Definitely killed SBSettings for me, I don’t need to view themes and close mobilesubstrate apps like SBSettings can do, BBSettings does all that PLUS more stuff in a pretty compact window.

    • Gato


  • Ivan Overgaard Nielsen

    a lot of promise

  • Scitcat

    Does anybody know how to uninstall the BBSettings? Doesnt work for me via Cydia:(

    • ourjim

      I used mobile terminal (or you could connect via ssh) and typed the following command: dpkg -r bb.manuelgebele.bbsettings

  • Philip

    Jeff, just installed and got it running. Not as laggy compared to yr video demo. (probably I’ve no winterboard installed – as I suspect it causes a lot of issues on iphone4 IOS5 jb). Love it !
    Great potential BBSettings

    • ourjim

      Mine was just as laggy as in the video and I also do not have Winterboard installed.

  • Pete

    Jeff, just a stylistic note – the phrase “unless you’ve been living under a rock” is WAY overused here on iDB. Feels like every other article starts like this. Come on, you (and your mates) can do better!

    • ourjim

      I’ve never heard that phrase used here before. I guess I must have been li… wait! waaaah!

    • Ben

      I was thinking the same thing lol

  • Philip

    Had been testing it and noted the changed Operator Name does not hold. It returns to original when you close the app. Is this normal ??

  • Acolz

    I know this is not to theme but I create a custom iOS with sn0wbreeze and when I do SHIFT+Restore it’s just stuck on the beginning and does not restore 🙁 Please help. I have iPhone 3GS new bootrom BB 05.13.04. No iOS currently as of screwed update 🙁

    • Usersean

      You putting it into pwnd dfu mode? You need to before it will allow you to restore to custom firmware.

      • Acolz

        Yep, I figured out already, had to run sn0wbreeze as administrator, otherwise the IPSW was not whole and was only around 26mb instead of 686

  • Frank

    I prefer SBSettings…

  • Omni Stat can also show you the OS version, memory usage, etc.

  • bob


  • I agree…BBSettings is a little slow at the moment and i do not like the idea of not having add-ons at the current moment. Love having the stats and running apps right there at the swipe of a finger and the look is awesome just needs to be able to customize and sped up a bit for me to make the switch…

  • The slowness problem has been fixed. I’m using BBSettings on 5.0.1 with and iPhone 4S.

    • anyone having trouble with the wifi toggle? i agree slowness has been largely fixed

  • link dead…… :'(

  • choco_ju

    crash my ios 5.1.1